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Member Guidelines

1. You may only have ONE USER NAME violation of this will result in indefinite banning. There is no situation where you will be permitted to have more than one, should you need anything on your account changed that you cannot change please contact the staff.

3. Please use the SEARCH function. It is better to revive an old thread than to create a duplicate redundant thread. Please refrain from making a post just to tell another member to use the search function. It is however ok to answer the question and suggest in the future that they use the search feature.

4. Please post in the correct forum. Do not post your tech threads in the lounge; those go in their respective forums. Do not post your photography in the lounge; that goes in the Photography forum. Do not post pictures of your ride in the generations tech forums; they go in the respective member's rides forums. Etc.

5. Staying on topic is important. In the course of a thread it may go slightly off topic, that is the nature of discussion. The problem occurs when off topic posts are created to be "funny" or made with the intent to derail a thread... its ok to ask or suggest something similar that goes along with the thread. It’s ok to say, "superchargers are ok but you should go turbo in my opinion they are much better for Hondas. Here is a site to check out" its not ok to say "superchargers are queer and so are you for wanting one, I hope your car blows up" or to just jump in and say "I have a good all motor setup for sale you should buy it". If you want to offer something that you have for sale (and is relevant) you may post one link to your for sale thread any additional correspondence should be handled in the classifieds thread or by using the private message feature. Don’t turn tech threads into for sale threads.

6. It’s very important to keep the information on this site accurate. This is extremely important in the tech-based areas, as incorrect information could result in members buying the wrong parts, or worse yet causing actual damage to their vehicle. Please be very careful with the way that you answer questions. If you are not sure, make that clear. Repeatedly posting inaccurate information (“talking out of your ass”) will subject you to the standard warning system the site uses. We want people to post and exchange ideas, but we do not want erroneous information floating around the site.

7. The golden forum rule: "if you don't like it, don't click it" Respect each other. Show maturity. Be civil. Don’t call each other names (unless you are friends bullshitting). Don’t come on here to be an asshole. Have some tact. It’s ok to disagree with someone. It’s even ok to tell them that you think that they have an ugly car (should they ask for your opinion). What is not ok is to be directly slanderous. You can say whatever you want; it’s all in how you say it.
(Ok) “ I have to say I don’t like your car at all, the color combo and rims are just really hideous” or “no way man superchargers are not as good on Hondas in my opinion, go with a turbo”
(Not OK) “Your car is fucking ugly and you are a stupid fucking ricer. If you are lucky you will crash it and die” or “I cant believe you want a supercharger, you must be a complete dip-shit. You obviously have no fucking clue about anything car related…. Jump off a cliff and die”

8. We understand that people like to express their creativity by having signature images using snippets of their car, and or various other images. In fact there are even many threads in our photography area discussing how to make them or even members offering to make them for you. The only thing we ask is that you refrain from including anything not work-safe, and that you keep it limited to one image sized 500 X 100 (or smaller) (no larger than 35k). We also ask that you limit your avatar size to 100 X 100, failure to do so will result in it being removed.

9. We are always scanning the site looking for threads and posts that do not belong, but with a site with so much traffic it is impossible to read every single post. If you see a post that is a blatant violation of the site guidelines please report it using the report post feature, and we will respond to it as soon as we can. Replying to bad threads only ads to them, and bumps them to the top (which we want to avoid).

10. Should you follow the guidelines posted you should have no problems here on CivicLife, but we still need to outline our warning and banning policies. We operate on a warning system; direct individuals warnings will be sent through the private message feature (and it will also be kept in a log for our records). Three warning will result in a temporary ban; the length of this ban will generally be short (but its important to remember it is up to the discretion of the staff and will vary depending on what prompted the warnings). After that ban you will be given a chance to return to the site. If you continue to violate the guidelines of this site you will be subject to the same policies. Should the need arise to ban any individual a second time that ban will more than likely be permanent. As threads go off topic a moderator may step in and warn the thread in general, this is not the same as being warned directly via a private message. If you register with the sole intent to start trouble you will be banned.

11. Registering to sell a commercial product in volume is not permitted without prior approval (This also applys to existing members should they decide to do so after already being a member). We do however have a fantastic advertising and sponsor vendor packages available to members who wish to sell products and or advertise on CivicLife. All inquiries regarding this can be forwarded to info@civiclife.net.

12. Max size for images posted on the forum is 500x100. If any pictures are beyond this size then they will be removed and you will be asked to resize them. If you don't know how to resize them, either ask a member of staff and they might be able to help, or just post the link and don't place it in an [img] tag.

Thank you for your time,

Steve Forbes