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  1. OMG OMG NEW Lancia Stratos

    I saw that on Pistonheads last week, Looks frickin schweet if you ask me!
  2. hi i'm will

    Hi & Welcome You'd be better put your problem on the technical forum
  3. I have had to accept it.......

    It's a shame eg's suffer so much with rust
  4. eg coupe spoiler

    I can vouch for that, My mate had a black coupe with a ZS spoiler. looked real sweet
  5. Your favourite EF Pics!

    From this years tokyo auto salon. It's hard to make out but if you look at the roof lline and the lines in the door it's defo a ef civic
  6. Vti coupe drag times

    This is more like it! http://www.dragtimes.com/Ferrari-Times.html
  7. Your favourite EF Pics!

    Here's a couple of my favorites i wish i could find a picture of the honda tuning EF.
  8. black rims with red lip

    Mine are 15's in black with a red lip Can't have them tho! They are mine
  9. I know you can use Rover hubs & calipers as a brake upgrade. But which models can you use? I know the mg zs is one of them. Can you use 600 turbo hubs etc? Thanks
  10. pcd of a pulsar

    My enkai's came off a Pulsar too
  11. the civic si

    It was fookin awesome! It was a full of spoon stuff everywhere + they have a tuned Jazz (fit) but was at a sponsors event at the time. They had about 20 full built engines there too + gearboxes etc oh yeah didn't mean to hijack this thread will do my own
  12. the civic si

    Unfortunatley i didn't have my camera on me I went to opak racing in San Bruno tho, Photos arn't great but they'll do http://photobucket.com/albums/a53/AberScooby2/OPAK%20RACING/
  13. the civic si

    There was a fair few new shape civic's in the us last week (when i was there) they look mint i tell you!
  14. Hello peolpe

    Welcome to the site mate, Hope we give you inspiration
  15. My new setup!

    Give me a tasty Packard Bell anyday! lol