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  1. ground kit

    I got brought this,but I have no idea where I ment to bolt them as they not replacement for oem ones as these are longer.
  2. Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=291303985852&alt=web
  3. What's Not To Like?

    I know someone that has a massive dodge import and like Daf says it's huge and looks so out if place,plus u would need one huge drive as it prob wouldn't fit on most normal driveways.
  4. My Iron man MK IV suit

    Now that is fucking amazing mate,nice one.
  5. new civic type r

    So this is what the new civic type r is goin to look like apparently,I think it looks mean,what's other opinions??
  6. any idea on paint?

    And for this reason I am goin to buy one as it's the colour I've been looking for.
  7. any idea on paint?

    Ess6boy those colours are what I'm talking about,they look lush but £6.66 postage and vat,doubles the price of the can but then halfords specialist colours are 15 and doubt they that good.
  8. any idea on paint?

    Nissan midnight purple god why didn't I think of that doh lol
  9. any idea on paint?

    Thanks for moving this,I couldn't think what section to put in lol. I want it to engine dress up and accessorise.I don't want to pay through the nose for it which is what will happen if I go to a bodyshop.
  10. I'm after a nice purple in rattle can,has anyone got any idea on either a good purple colour that I can get in cans or where I can get one.I have been to halfords but nothing.all help appreciated.
  11. Makes you wonder

    Pure and utter crazy,feel for that poor sod,he only sold a bloody bike.
  12. Help me decide, FN2 or DC5

    How bout this instead.....Def what I would go for http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221532434984&globalID=EBAY-GB&alt=web
  13. Garage Project

    That pan hanger is awesome,they are loadsa money the good ones,and tbf when yours is painted it'll look like an expensive one.I reckon u would have no trouble selling them.
  14. Today I bought ?

    Mine so far today Large latte 4 cakes from greggs And will be a set of dc2 rails later
  15. Garage Project

    Garage looks great buddy,floor painted makes such a difference.