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  1. It's Oh So Quiet...

    Where on earth do you find decent used coilovers these days :/   I've been quiet now myself...and tinkering...and making videos for a little build diary but the distinct lack of coilovers in my cheap budget hurts
  2. It's Oh So Quiet...

    I need to learn the quick ways then  haha. You make a good point there though. Break it and bin it. Why repair when it's cheaper to replace etc. Fair point. I can see lots of people around me doing that but for me, I can't see that happening  You've probably seen it with the amount of bikes I fix up. I'd rather they be repaired and live in then thrown away but that's getting off topic   so I see lots of people logging on daily but they don't necessarily post. Reasons? Is it a case you have to create an account to read how to's and advice so all these daily log ins are from people just browsing for an answer? 
  3. It's Oh So Quiet...

    Conversation is flowing. Nice! Dan, I think it was a fair point about the image hosting.  It's not the easiest method for a mobile phone, which a lot of people of browsing on now, or a tablet.  On a PC it's fine, sure, like you say, open up a new tab and just switch between, simple.  If you're constantly attached to your phone / tablet though it becomes a bit more difficult and I can see how Facebook has its advantages there.  That being said I would still prefer to sit and read through a build on here, nicely laid out, in a specific forum that's easy to find than trawl through dozens / hundreds of Facebook posts to find a few good posts. London is a while away from me, well, depending on which side (and I hate driving in London) but I'll keep an eye on this potential meet and try and pop down if I can.  
  4. Electrical Problems Please Help

    Is your carpet getting wet? Leaky windscreen? (Just from the suspect wet connector you mentioned)
  5. It's Oh So Quiet...

    I hope I didn't sound to harsh in my questioning Kadir, after all, I disappeared over a year ago! I completely respect the job all the admin do to keep the forum alive and a great place to be. Thank you. Real life must always come first too, I understand that      
  6. 2015 and 2016...

    Hey congratulations Kadir. An out dated congratulations but I hope the happiness from both the marriage and home continue   2015 for me. Quite honestly it's not been much to shout about. I've kept my head down and worked hard, at work and at home trying to develop different skills for the future. My Grandpa passed away in October, which honestly left me full of regret because I hadn't seen him much over the past few years. My sister and I did get to see him a month before huge died and I got to reveal to him, his rebuilt bike (that he gave me after owning it since he was a young lad). That made him happy. Sharing memories with the family was nice too. I owe a lot to him. It was sad to see him go.  2016. Well it's started off suprisingly well *touch wood*. With the 'new' EJ9, I'm planning a new project and YouTube series to test my 'skills' a bit. Completely out of the blue I've met a lovely lady and can only hope that continues. Work will remain work, I enjoy my job. A goal for me is to complete every Wolf Run this year and shed at least 10KG to get back in shape. Apart from that, I just want to keep my head above the water financially, keep healthy and happy.     
  7. It's Oh So Quiet...

    Bit of a discussion going here, nice!   Dan, you could be spot on there.  I never thought about it like that.  Cheap finance, new "fast" cars, it makes sense.  Especially considering the EJ9 I've bought actually cost me slightly more in insurance compared to my Corolla!  In fact, I'm sure on of my friends lives like that (he currently has a brand spanking new Civic Type R - not that he doesn't work damn hard too mind).     As for your K Swap, I'm sure that's more than 2 years old  
  8. It's Oh So Quiet...

    So what you're saying is we need to shut down Facebook?    What are the deal with shows now anywho? Do CivicLife still do stands?
  9. So whos left?!

    I now understand the hairdressing comment     Nah, actually I'm a fan of Porsche. I'd like to own one in my lifetime, an old one though. There was a gorgeous green GT2 for sale at a local garage a few months ago. I'd ride passed it every day dreaming of having 20 grand in my pocket to buy it. *sigh*
  10. It's Oh So Quiet...

    So what you're saying is the young whipper-snappers don't appreciate this good resource that's right under their nose?    I have seen that Honda PFS group grow but there never seems to be anything decent for sale and the long "threads" I do see are generally people trying to start shit over scammers or potential scammers.  I keep my eye out but that group isn't for me so I just lurk. I have seen the growth in the drift scene while hiding in my Corolla too but I figured, or hoped, the Honda scene would still remain strong.  You're right, I don't think the forum will ever die out (if it does I need warning so i can save all my work  ).  
  11. It's Oh So Quiet...

    Shhhh, Shhhh...   So, how long has the forum been this quiet?  *sits back in armchair, slippers on, crossword in hand*  I remember back in my day when it was within a couple of days that your for sale thread would be falling to page 2 and the lounge would be full of random nonsense on a day to day basis.   Is this the power of Facebook?  Various groups have popped up and all the younger owners feel more comfortable there?   Or is it just that the old Honda isn't as popular as it once was and all the "old" boys have moved on to bigger things?
  12. So whos left?!

    You closed your Facebook? *goes to check* Oh yeh, shows how much I pay attention to anyone but myself   What Porsche are you going for?  
  13. Heater Issues

    I'm rusty but could it be the little resistor that is on top at the front of the fan?    I seem to to remember that being the cause of settings 3 and 4 not working so maybe if it's completely gone the heaters just stay shut? Easy enough to switch out and try.      That hat wouldn't explain the noises though...
  14. So whos left?!

    Ah but yours is a beaut my friend!  I think I'm going for Thunder Grey myself... Or the EK variant of that EG colour. 
  15. So whos left?!

    It'll be a 'EK' of some description. Base level. Dirt cheap. But I'll make it my own over time