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  1. k swap lambda sensor options

    youre gonna regret saying that 
  2. k swap lambda sensor options

    came to do it.. still baffled. 
  3. k swap lambda sensor options

    cool thanks man!
  4. k swap lambda sensor options

    im gonna be using a 99-00 rywire k-adapter harness. this wiring stuff boggles me to death haha
  5. k swap lambda sensor options

    oh right never knew that! i just read it was plug in an play sorta thing with a few wires to splice into. ill have a look about wiring it for narrow band
  6. k swap lambda sensor options

    thanks 4D! will the codes generally stay clear once ereased?
  7. k swap lambda sensor options

    going to run the ep3 ecu, the swap manifold i have only has one sensor port though, this is where im getting confused as the ep3 has 2 sensors..
  8. k swap lambda sensor options

    hi guys just wondering who have done a k swap on a 99-00 civic. what have you done about the oxygen sensor as im currently building mine an i have no idea what to do about the oxy sensor, ill be using the standard ecu if i can get away with it.
  9. RC Drifting

    yeah when i went to cs from 50/50 it took me a good few months, im on the 1.5 atm but going in the deepend to rwd now, in a way i can relate to the tt01 having one they are good with supporting mods!
  10. RC Drifting

    looking good griff!, i was looking at this when i had my tt01 but then went to yokomo drift chassis, i still have my yokomo dib an one of the lads has a tt01 an i had a go of it on 50/50 it feels to me like sometimes you have to heave the chassis into slide, when you have your countersteer it will feel wierd at first but it makes life soooooo much easyer for skidding!
  11. RC Drifting

    had a look at them james! very good chassis! ive just ordered a fxxx-d-s from hobbybest so to try rwd now, an if anyones interested ive got a few yokomo mr4tc chassis for sale..
  12. RC Drifting

    esc looks like its shorting mate, either that or you havent set youre end points, bring it down to mimms if you come as im running the rc car track

    i know them feels mate, im an engineer for skywheels so get called out all times of screwthat0'clock, thanks for getting back to me anyways man its much apriciated!

    still no pm

    thanks kadir!