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  1. beeR rev limiter b16a2

    Ah i see.. Do you know that pins A21 and A22 are wired together.. They both do ignition.. The signal from A21 and A22 should feed into the BeeR, and then feed back out to the wires that USED to go to A21 and A22.. For example, if you disconnect the wires that go to A21 and A22, you wont get a spark. However, if you leave one of the two connected, you will still get a spark.. This might be what is happening..
  2. beeR rev limiter b16a2

    Hey mate, sorry i didnt reply to your PM... Having a look at the post, the pin A21 is the ignitor feed to the coil driver. What the BeeR does is sit in between this link and modify the signal.. Im confused when you said that when you removed the yellow wire it worked.. The idea is that you cut the wire between the ignitor and the ecu, run the A21 signal into the BeeR, and then out via the green wire to the ignitor.. This allows the BeeR to cut and retard that signal.. If when you disconnect the yellow wire, the engine starts, then there is a problem.. It sounds like you havnt cut the wire from the ignitor to the ECU... The BeeR will now form PART of the ignition system, disconnecting it without bridging certain wires will actually stop the engine from running completely.. If that makes sense..
  3. its far too nice to be working today!

  4. Lol if the car on the programme has a DRS type thing, am i allowed to claim i did it first lol
  5. I think its 12th March 8pm.. It would however be interesting to see them not taking the piss out of hondas on telly lol
  6. http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/gadget-geeks-f1-special-coming-to-sky-1/ Id be interested to see what they think constitutes a Formula 1 car.... Alot of us have spent more than we should on Civic's but i dont think we could say we're close to being a Formula 1, open wheeled, multi-million £ race car..
  7. Woman in black was awesome!!

  8. is off work ill... :O(

  9. Morfspeed BBQ! Yorkshire stylee. 25th of feb.

    Sounds awesome! Ill bring my thickest jumper lol This will be the first time ive met anyone, im rather looking forward to it!
  10. Civiclife awards 2011winners!

    Wow thanks for the award chaps! I didnt realise this was even going on! Thats rather cheered me up today!
  11. Help Chris Whiteford win Total Car Magazine Contest

    im not sure mate.. I think everyone who wants to vote has done, and thank you to you all... I believe it finishes in Feb...
  12. Help Chris Whiteford win Total Car Magazine Contest

    Thanks Chaps!
  13. Help Chris Whiteford win Total Car Magazine Contest

    Thanks to everyone who voted for my car on here.. I honestly did think they would pick it, let alone be in 3rd place. I dont think it stands a chance but again, thankyou
  14. The Official CL 'Merry Christmas' thread

  15. Have a crackin Christmas everyone!!