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  1. 7Jx15 et40

    They wont rub at all
  2. ej6 brake swap

    Lol whats with the sarcastic comments now... deep breaths mate, it's only the Internet
  3. ej6 brake swap

    Its been answered by me, not you..take your own advice
  4. ej6 brake swap

    Measure your front disk size..if its 242 you'll need to change hubs, if its 262 you can fit 282 Simples. The rears, once youve done a hub swap you can get mg zr discs and calipers if you want 262 Theres a write up here on how to do rear hub brake swap.. Im sure wahidul will try to nit pick again once he's had his dump
  5. ej6 brake swap

  6. MB6 shocks and springs on EM1

    Rear mb shocks are longer
  7. renault turbine wheels on civic

    Kyleb had those fitted to a ek of that helps
  8. Mb6 hub part number?

    I do have a rear mb6 bearing for sale if you want, its brand new in the packaging
  9. eBay coilies

    Sleeves with the right shocks, such as koni yellows are fine
  10. Peoples opinions on D2 coilovers

    Had 3 sets, liked them all, used them for 16/18 months on roads
  11. slim eg boss

    This forum gets more and more weird every day..
  12. slim eg boss

  13. slim eg boss

    Got a link at all?
  14. slim eg boss

    Is there a place that sells these for a EG? Apart from the nrg one? Just need a cheap one..
  15. which coilovers!?

    Have a search blah blah.. You can pick up a used set of meister r between £300-£400. Infact many different good brands at that price, hsd, buddyclub etc