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  1. Tyre limits

    Ive run them down to the canvas before, and although not as good as bew the still grip well if the track isnt too hot
  2. What oil for trackday K20a2

    Sounds about normal, my ep3 was the same, but 10 mins on track is like 3 laps and i like to get a good run on and get into the flow of things so at least 20 min sessions. Some people dont even run oil temp/pressure gauges and beast the shit outta there engines lap after lap! A lad on a day i was on was out for nearly an hour until basically everything was cooked and then came in to cool it off, fuel up and go again and his stayed together, but im a but more mechanically sympathetic than that haha
  3. What oil for trackday K20a2

    Yea bro it holds 5-10psi higher pressure at idle when hot and its reading over 120psi at 2.5k onwards (gauge only reads to 120) . All oils have to reach a certain standard and im pretty sure most will surfice. I used to race minibikes and chucked the shittest oil i could find in the chinese built race engines and never had a faliure and it spent most of its life on the limiter lol
  4. What oil for trackday K20a2

    I agree with above, i can hit 140 degree oil tenps n/a around cadwell even with a cooler on 40 weight oil, ive switched to 50 weight and stable 110-115 oil temps after 20-30mins of sub 1m.45 laps of cadwell. End of the day just coz you 'race' doesnt mean shit, if your oil temps to high on thin oil and a slightly heavier weight means it doesnt then no one is wrong are they....
  5. Slave cylinder dodgy maybe??? The ep3 clutch cant be adjusted bite wise as far as im aware, it is where it is. My low bite was cured when i put a new clutch kit in, action was light and biting point was middle of the travel where as before was low like yours
  6. JRSC - k20

    Dc5 box/diff is decent enough for 300bhp, slightly better ratios too. No need to change fuel rail for jrsc, 650 injectors and walbro in tank pump will be man enough, although TDi will advise minimum 750's..... Decent 2.5 inch system, decat and manifold, dc sports, tegiwa will be upto the job, tou dont have to spend toda money!!! Have a look on ctro forum for R8BYB b pipes, spoon copies and genuine 2.5inch i.d, loads of people running them, perfect fitment, decent 2.5inch backbox of your choice and your there.
  7. 2.5 inch on jrsc k20 is the norm, no one i know runs bigger, all make 295-300 without chargecooling, one on ebay currently runs 356 chargecooled on a 2.5inch system. Backpressure is completely different on an s/c car compared to turbo'd
  8. What Et to get my new 17inch alloys in for pre facelift ep?

    Im running 17x8's all round, et42 front with 5mm spacers and no issues, and et32 rear with a mild roll, neg 2 degree camber all round no scrubbing at all on a 205/45/17 and sits mint in the arches
  9. how much usable power

    Mines on t1rs, around 330 horse and on a ek9 box, and it spins in 2nd in the dry but hooks up well in 3rd. In the wet wheelspin in 4th at 120 isnt fun
  10. you need to pay to trade
  11. B16b headon B18c4 bottom end?

    Pm me an offer
  12. B16b headon B18c4 bottom end?

    Its the dog i gotta worry about bro! Lol b16b head for sale complete with cams...... Haha
  13. B16b headon B18c4 bottom end?

    Or some other speed related goodies haha
  14. B16b headon B18c4 bottom end?

    Thanks for that, usefull info! Best selling the b16b head then and sticking with the b18