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  1. So my new car...

    And then you bought a stereotypical drift car and plan not not drift it....? :/
  2. So my new car...

    Looks like a really clean example mate, a shame you dont want to drift the thing as theyre awsome for it and rather boring to drive otherwise.   Im sure this will look awsome when youve got all the bis you want for it!, if you really dont drift it, dnt do a Ben and get all the pointless skid mods though! soo fustrating seeing that!   Good luck with the project and if ya need a hand with anything just gimme a text.
  3. best coilovers for around £500?

    Some washers and jdm Rear LCAs, theyle fit.
  4. best coilovers for around £500?

    I have a set for sale but theyre eg/dc2 fitment
  5. best coilovers for around £500?

    Decent condition 2nd hand Tein Master Flex. You wont be dissapointed.
  6. do i keep b18c6 or go k20 ?

    What do you want? Sheer power gains? Is th car tracked? Or just fast road? You really need to weigh up what you want from the car before making such an investment. Money could be spent elsewhere on the car to make it perform better.
  7. ATR Brakes

    Just to clear things up here, if i have say a 5 stud conv on my eg with the obvious 282s, could i simply swap the calipers for a pair of ATR twinpots? Using my existing cariers..? But if i wanted the 300mm up grade id need to get the 300mm discs from what? And use ATR cariers? Or cluld i use my current carriers? Thanks in advance
  8. B18C into UK Spec ITR

    If the engine code is b18c then its the jdm gsr motor, its 10.6:1 comp rather than the c4s 10:1 and 180bhp. Not that far off a c6 and considering it has a more restricted map/throttlebody size/inlet manifold and exhaust manifold.
  9. Simply Who can do supply them refurbed and ready to go? If i remember correctly someone near reading does camcover refurbs....? Thank in advance
  10. Hardrace...

    Havent used/got any of thier products yet, lots of mixed reviews online. Anyone with first hand experience? Im particularly looking at thier drop links and RTA bushes.
  11. Ek9 throttlebodie and inlet manifold

    The larger plenum, shorter runners will help, but not alot unless you have supporting mods/remap. As for the throttle body it can be sold on and you can purchase a larger one like neil suggested . Just dont go too big with the tb or youll actually suffer low end power.
  12. State your B18 Set up & Power

    Monthly bump