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  • Car Turbo'd S2000

    New information has also been added to the original thread!!!! Big things are going on this year!!!    1. 1964 - EJ6 Coupe - None/0 - Thursday 2. Loony - EK4 Hatch - 0 - Friday 3. coupeciviclsi - EK3/4 sedan - stefan - thursday 4. coupeciviclsi - EJ9 hatch - 1 - thursday 5. coupeciviclsi - EJ6 coupe -unknown - thursday 6. rapey - EJ6 coupe - lots of beer - thursday 7. Bob - MB6 rover - the wifey -Thursday  8. Shuthan - Accord Type-R -  1 - Friday 9. Sennz - EG - 0 - Thursday 10. Danni - EG - 0 - Thursday 11. Philgor- MC2 - 0 - Friday  12.  Chinglish Peasant - Mercedes Support vehicle - Friday/Saturday 13.  PooM - he doesn't know... - could turn up any time 14. Kadir - EG9/Accord/R34GTR?? - Saturday 15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20. 
  2. We're back, but on adrenaline this time!

    Thanks Leo for your astounding help! We look forward toward for the future collaboration between CL and HK! 

    ah! I might as well pop over to check if everyone is misbehaving! lol I'll turn up in some sort of jap car I spose
  4. Cars that handle for 5k

    it could be down to the adjustable camber bolts too, they often seize and get over looked, that is a main cause for bad handling, get that looked at and if they are indeed seized they will cost a pretty penny to replace, around £700 including labour if I remember correctly. 
  5. Who is behind the new CivicLife?

    How about this for new? Much more to come! We have been hard at work and investing time and money into the new interface! 
  6. Yup I am down like jay sean loool
  7. WE ARE BACKKK!!!!

    1. Jamesc182



  8. Civiclife awards?

      The marshalling of these events will be fine mate, we don't want to commit to a date until we have the all clear from our sponsors. But suffice it to say....these meets will be seasonal, differently themed and yes awards and prizes will be given away at such events as well as our sponsored traders on the day only deals. But this is all to come and we really would like to put this off until 2016 so we can have a clear running calendar.  
  9. Civiclife awards?

    All I have to say is......if you think the CL meets has gone then you gave up too easily.    As said there are LOADS in the pipeline, and let's just say the next meet we will have is going to be a big one, and as CL is now under different management, the meets will be approached differently too....and I don't just plan on a public car park event either. That is all I can give away from this, as we are working with our traders here to bring you guys something truly awesome.    Please be patient.
  10. Retro Nissans.

    if you want it comfortable then you should consider maybe something you won't be tempted to modify lol
  11. Who is behind the new CivicLife?

    Haggis, the problem is delegating the right responsibilities to the right people, new ownership, investment funds, legal stuff, we was going to come back with a huuuuuge change but instead we decided to phase in the changes slowly, but over the next few months you will see the changes materialise slowly along with the organisation of meets and available funding. Just like when Walmart took over Asda changes were not made apparent over night, but slowly phased in. But thanks for the good wishes mate, hope you stick around to find out what we have for our members. Liam - it broke....matter of fact it bankrupted PooM, CL almost never came back. So yes we needed to fix it!
  12. Who is behind the new CivicLife?

    So many of you might have noticed that CL was down for a while, and whilst many was in the dark to what was going on, a few will tell you that we were going through some changes, and the rumours are correct, the fact is PooM has single handedly managed the maintenance and financial side of the server for almost 10 years, the server has out grown a pair of hands and actually needed people with the right skill sets to manage the site properly, from all aspects like server maintenance, marketing, forum management and financing.   Finally after a good bit of down time, we have come up with a new plan and each of us have our own rolls on CL, and here are the people behind     Steve Forbes (PooM) -   Founder of and server technical dude, he is the mastermind behind the creation of CL, he makes the forum work so that everyone can enjoy it.         Abdul Kadir (Kadir) - Known to be the voice of reasoning on CL, he is the note of wisdom everyone needs and the general people's people. He is the man behind policing the forum and sorting out most member's queries.      Ash Beezmohun (1964) -   Also known as the chocolate goodness, he is a graphic designer/animator/creative, a well known face (if you can see him), and best of all he is one hell of a photographer.      George Wong (Chinglish Peasant) - Well that's me for who already don't know me.....I am generally quiet compared to the others on the forum as I run the finances and form business relationships with our clients. Sorry if I've cracked your screen......       So here are the faces of CL......   If you see us at a meet or better yet want to put us forward to FHM's hottest men contest, please do so........actually saying Hi would be plentiful!        We hope you enjoy our forum, and we will strive to improve our forum experience as well as arrange more meets for the foreseeable future.      Thanks! Team

        hehe that's all I have to say! 
  14. Newbie from Northamptonshire !

    Welcome to CL mate, keep up the good work, wheels mate quite the difference, glad you got rid of them mirrors as well!