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  1. Chinglish Peasant added a post in a topic JAE 2015 - EARLY INTEREST THREAD + INFORMATION   

    ah! I might as well pop over to check if everyone is misbehaving! lol
    I'll turn up in some sort of jap car I spose
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  2. Chinglish Peasant added a post in a topic Cars that handle for 5k   

    it could be down to the adjustable camber bolts too, they often seize and get over looked, that is a main cause for bad handling, get that looked at and if they are indeed seized they will cost a pretty penny to replace, around £700 including labour if I remember correctly. 
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  3. Chinglish Peasant added a post in a topic Who is behind the new CivicLife?   

    How about this for new? Much more to come! We have been hard at work and investing time and money into the new interface! 
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