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  1. GT5 Pictures

    It's an old Camaro Z28
  2. GT5 Pictures

    This bit of track yeah?
  3. GT5 Pictures

    CRZ TC:
  4. Renault espace that's been sat for 2 months struggling with power? Turbo problem??

    1. willisek4
    2. HONDAndy



      It's an electronic problem i think, having had the battery out the car for nearly a full day on a charger I think I need to re-set something.

      I assume this would put it in a 'limp mode'? And I need to find out what to do to reset it now?

  5. Which is better

    they would be the same adaik but the wheelbase is different on a 4 door eg over a hatch or coupe i think that's where you might find difference in handling and possibly the same for eks. aerodynamics the coupe might be better over the top (no wiper or need for one hints at that) but idk if the wind resistance of the hatch vs coupe bumper differs much. i guess you're talking more about the potential of the shells rather than standard specs available for them that would effect handling
  6. Possibly buying another civic.

    can you reply to my pm pls porker
  7. Thinking of buying an EG or EK....

    Tjdm jap eg4 on teg shocks and springs and 262 brakes wi good pads and an lsd model would be an awesome standard car to insure, they came with fat five alloys standard too. however, look into quotes on import insurance. that's probably not the best advice compared to a uk vei though which would give great mpg and is imo a better choice over an eg3. for a safer car and cheaper insurance an ep should be better than ek or eg, that or a 4g perhaps
  8. a facebook group to help others in future

    Thought I'd post in here, just found out some alloys were taken from my back garden earlier today. Nobody should have known they were there, can't be seen from the road but could be seen from neighbouring properties/ flats. Pretty sure they were there before work Tues. @ 17:20 and noticed them gone today roughly 44hrs later. Anyway most likely weighed in/ gone for good but for what it's worth they're Yellow 5 spoke Advans, 7 x 17", +42ET, 4 x 100 pcd, no centre caps, 3 with tyres, 1 with the two sidewalls of the tyre in-tact ( I have the remainder of that tyre still, and the centre caps for them ) anyone see them around let me know please. This is in Sheffield btw and the circus is in town nearby! Ta.
  9. Rarest JDM limited edition model?

    I doubt any of these JDM LHD models were actually imported over here ( assuming you're in UK? ) do you mean you have an EJ1?
  10. how much is it worth? eg mugen twin loop

    You after anything in p/x for that mate?
  11. Rarest JDM limited edition model?

    I thought it was SOHC VTEC in the EJ1? Not looked at them much, we got the EJ2 and Japan got EJ1 as did America not sure on other markets but this model shows Japan had both left and right hand drive for their EJ1's. It's a unique thing to have in a limited edition model a different drive side, or at least I've not heard of any other manufacturers doing so before? Daz, it's similar to other Honda special editions having the model available in one or a few colours, interior fabrics, perhaps extra options that the normal model don't have such as LSD?? Similar to sir-s / si / jordan / final s2k / premier, 30th ep3 etc. I know what you mean though that it would be nice if they had a bit more stuff on i.e if the Jordan had a b18, or if the s2k came supercharged etc. Edit: oh yeah it's VTEC engine: 1.6 L SOHC VTEC (D16A) 4-speed automatic transmission Electric sunroof Manual A/C Leather steering wheel (black) Vanity mirrors on both drivers' and passenger side Driver's side airbag (but NO passenger-side airbag) AR sound system (w/door tweeters) Automatic antenna w/half switch (mounted on hand brake console) Power windows Power door locks Power steering Power folding mirrors Headlights on chime Low fuel light Armrest console Green glass (as opposed to blue or bronze) 185/60R14 on wheels w/full caps
  12. Anyone on here seen these before? Taken from the OEM thread on H-T ( I think you need to be logged in to access the page, 13th post down ) I remember reading in Banzai that LHD cars in Japan kind of stand out from the crowd? Certainly an interesting limited edition concept, pretty unique. I wonder how many were produced and how many limited edition models there were for the EG, that's 3 along with the Sir-S and Si models.
  13. PM me a price on the shifter and boot Porker! Oh that's unlucky just when you're selling it btw
  14. Thats weird clicling on the Kswap forum post in lounge is directing me to CL homepage??

    1. AlexD


      Same here, works on my phone though?

  15. New Mugen CRZ + Video Added page 2!

    Mugen mode FTW!