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  1. nope, the fogs still havent landed, i hope they come soon as im going to spain on friday night...and no one will be here :( cheers will. Henners.

  2. Hiya mate, Sorry for delay in reply. Are the fogs still yet to arrive? When I get in tonight I will PM you the barcode number. I'm having same problem over on another forum, one item on there has not yet landed. I'll be in touch later. Cheers. Will

  3. no probs m8 cheers

  4. My EG9 JTCC rep.

    That actually looks awesome, sell it to me
  5. I've got 12000k had them for 2 years, passed MOT's at F1 auto center, they didnt even mention them.
  6. day dream driving

    Thats a great way to describe it, autopilot mode, thats what its like, I literally dont remember a thing.
  7. day dream driving

    I do this, its really bad, I can be driving and then I cant remember a thing from the last minute or so as I've been day dreaming. Makes you wonder, as I do this all the time and never have any near misses, how you do it without crashing or veering off the road etc. Odd.
  8. Water Temp Drops!

    thermotwat deffo.
  9. s14's with body kits

    The Fatlace 14 is so sick, I love that car! Been painted sooooooo many times.
  10. s14's with body kits

    I've heard that too actually, I've not owned a 13 but skidded one and didnt like it felt like a boatcar. But people have said they're good on track, quite alot on sxoc actually.
  11. s14's with body kits

    s14 much better for skiddin.
  12. s14's with body kits

    Only the true fanboys of this site wont agree with the fact that car looks sick!
  13. s14's with body kits

    A few more of the one above.
  14. I'm in the process of building one at the moment, wont be done for a month or 2. But I've just bought another project, so it may just end up collecting dust, so if your interested, you can come have a look at its progress as I build it. Then if I get the right kind of money for it, I will let it go and build another when I finish my other projects.