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  1. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Not updated for a while. Had a few more hours done at start of the month and another hour during the week to finish the full sleeve off. Really happy with how it's all came in. Pics of what got done this week will be up layer, skins still a bit red the now and can't get a decent pic of it. Had a moon added with some shading and clouds, and also something I think is pretty mental for the inside of the elbow. Looks freaky. Template And done. Was pretty strange feeling in there lol And a few images of the full bottom half of the sleeve up to start of the week. I'll fire up another image with the recent work after the weekend. The moon Angel at bottom of stairway Rest of the angel and some of the dove The praying nun/angel and the big eye A collage of all 4 images
  2. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Some more done to my lower arm. Whole arm is nearly done now. Excuse the poor pics. My sister can't take pics for shit with her shaky hand syndrome. And skin is still very red from getting done. The angel still needs her wings and around her face finished off. Was still too fresh from a fortnight ago to go near it. Stairs got finished and going to get a moon with realistic clouds at the top of stairs just up from the dove Looks a bit calmed down with the insta filters
  3. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    just a small session yesterday. receptionist making an arse of my apointment again. Started this.  
  4. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    in process     bit more done     and done    
  5. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Pics of finished article later.
  6. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    My Tattoo'ist said same when I was worrying about my arms getting bigger. Says the tattoo will be fine, and he's a gym fiend lol.
  7. Del Sol's..

    Amanda's (my fiancées) old one that I helped her do up. High comp b18 with 220h Before paint After paint and engine swap to B18 And my old one Defo keen for another.
  8. How many cars have you owned?

    Little bit of though and I can remember.... 3 x Minis 5 x Civics 3 x Integras 1 x Del Sol 3 x 306's 3 x 205's 2 x Polo's 10 x Golfs 1 x Corsa 1 x Astra 1 x Clio 2 x Corrado 1 x Saxo 1 x 309 1 x TT 1 x MR2 1 x Prelude 1 x BMW That makes 41 that I can atleast remember. There will no doubt be others that have slipped my mind.
  9. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    a few pishy pics of some more details added ot mine. Realistic clouds and some shading around the pretty lady. Start the forearm in a fortnight, another bitches face going on there, should look pretty amazing.   Its still pretty red, but once its toned down a bit and the full tattoo is healed and the same colour it should be alot better to the eye.               instagay photo  
  10. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Looks mental Puddz. The guy that does my work is mad for doing Marvel stuff. Ironman and Hulk stuff hes done is unbelievable, so realistic.
  11. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Another rose to my sleeve added on Wednesday - on my bicep this time. Still nippy lol.   Back in on 26th feb to start the clouds and shading around the full sleeve. reckons another 2 sittings will se eit finished.  
  12. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Very nice mate. Similair style to what I have also. What else you getting done round about her?
  13. Tattoo's, What ya got?

    Next Wednesday cant come quick enough to get some more fired onto mine.
  14. Volk SE37K Lost In Post - PLEASE READ!

    Yodel have a page on Facebook with approx 550 likes. I put up a post slating the shit out of them and got as many people as I could involved in it, as did Scott. Post has near 1000 likes now and plenty comments on how terrible the service is by them. Big wigs must have caught on and taken action as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't make sense for the wheels to be declared 'total loss' for them all of a sudden to appear after some commotion on internet
  15. Volk SE37K Lost In Post - PLEASE READ!

    The wheels are now in Scott's possession (Frolic) Delighted.