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  1. Fast Car South Mimms pictures

    The white CRX isn't Hond-R's car, It's a customers. Think he is on here... username Scudd   Nice photos Remedi
  2. Hond-R @ Honda

    Awesome. You may have already done this, but if not give the Hond-R page a 'like' and chuck your name down on the page so we can get a good estimate as to how many cars are coming. Cheers guys
  3. Hond-R @ Honda

    You've probably all seen me post one of these before, so you know the routine..   I realise I've left it a bit late to put on here, but if anybody could make the trip then it would be greatly appreciated!       Here is the link to the Facebook page/event :   http://www.facebook.com/events/317802238341682/       Looking to be a very good turn out already!!!!
  4. Give Hond-R a call, they have genuine ariel blanks in stock I believe
  5. Hond-R @ Honda - 16/09/12

    Lol. Your lucky you don't have to drive it daily! Wish I had a beater..
  6. Hond-R @ Honda - 16/09/12

    This is this Sunday guys! Who's coming?
  7. Hond-R @ Honda Meet 16/09/12 ;)

  8. Hond-R @ Honda Meet 16//08/12

    1. Shuthan


      That date has gone mate lol.

    2. Kv


      My bad, it's supposed to say 16/09/12. I'll try again... Lol

  9. Hond-R @ Honda - 16/09/12

    Tbh, it's probably going to be one of the last meets we have this year. So come along and meet everybody! I've got some plans for next year already
  10. ET20 ?

    Few of my friends and myself have got 16x8 et20 with either 195/45/16 all round or 205/45/16 all round on our civics. All have natural camber, some slightly lower than others. They fit perfectly with a little arch work! Arch Enemy are the boys to speak to.
  11. You should all come along to our next meet on the 16th Sept. check the south east meet section
  12. Nice pics man! Thanks for the five of mine blue em1
  13. Hond-R @ Honda - 16/09/12

    Last meet was a great success, car park was overflowing with a very high standard of cars. This meet is getting bigger every time we get together. Hope to see you all there It will be held at Johnson's Honda unless stated otherwise(due to weather most likely). 16/09/12, 18:30 Johnsons Honda Kidlington Oxford OX5 1HT 1. Kv 2. Boyle
  14. Sourcing EK3 OEM Wind Visors

    They are difficult to get nowadays... Your best bet would be to speak to Hond-R
  15. ^ lol. Well yeah it's a Hond-R Meet. Boyle and I organise it for them as they are too busy making awesome cars The next meet will be September time when Maz and Russell are both back off of holiday, as we can't exactly have a Hond-R Meet without them lol