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  1. Civic B16a2 Radiator Fan not kicking in?

    you realise how cold the temperatures are outside at the moment?   even in the summer its taken a good 30 minutes if im lucky to get the fan to come on when bleeding coolant
  2. Front copper brake line replacement

    goto a motor factors and get them to make you one up, about £15
  3. anyone with Hondata/CPL Reflash ?

    I dont see it worth the money at all. Complete waste of time. Of course they told you those figures. They want you to spend money with them. They are eBay figures
  4. if your mate got her insurance details, then go through her insurance, tell them what happened - ie she went into the back of your mate therefore they are at fault, car repaired (well car written off if has has chassis damage at the rear)
  5. Advice Needed - MOT, Snapped Balljoint

    he wouldnt have had to go near that ball joint to do any tracking or change any power steering boots anyway. saying you have a receipt for labour doesnt mean anything
  6. b20 connector help

    wouldnt have a foggiest im afraid
  7. b20 connector help

    its obd2 knock sensor
  8. Master cylinder issue

    Get your local motor factor to make a new line with the right size. Will only cost a few quid
  9. Finding TDC on compression stroke

    eh?  the key on the dizzy is offset, therefore can only be fitted one way
  10. Finding TDC on compression stroke

    The dizzy only fits one way. You don't need to find tdc at all to fit it
  11. B18c cranking but no start! :(

    Check the timing first. Before doing a compression test
  12. Work Pension Advice

    There won't be state pensions by the time you kids retire. Companies I think are now being told its mandatory to either offer or put you in the company pension. I have 3 pensions with various people
  13. b20 engine converstion

    buy the conversion already done out of my crv that im breaking   plug n play
  14. Adjusting coilovers

    Mine were all different so had to adjust each one at a different height
  15. Adjusting coilovers

    Measure the centre of your wheel to top of your arch. Then get all the others the same