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  1. BHP Show 2011 taken by Sarah

    Sorry I didn't get any pics of your car on the track, I was just taking pics from the 3 sessions that George was in. I took over 200 in the end, lol Here is the link for the rest of the pics I took for anyone interested: I'll get the videos added over the weekend as well, sorry not done earlier but been busy with my new job I started this week so just catching up with everything now
  2. Bristol - Sunday 5th June

    Anything to do with food always sounds great to you!
  3. Bristol - Sunday 5th June

    Thank you hubby for adding me to the list but no need to be rude about my car, no rust there, thank you
  4. Monthly Bluewater Meet (February 26th)

    1.Leec - Pulsar GTI-R 2.FocusNick - CTR EP3 3.Kirsty - Crx Del Sol 4.Stux - Accord Type R 5.Civic17_99 - Integra Type R DC5 6.Shuthanbala1 - EJ9 7.Fonejacker (Oli) - NHB FN2 8.LiamW 9. Ad - Mk2 Cupra 10.DaveyD - DC2 11.Durmz - DC2 12.Karlw (Maybe) 13.Rbz 14.JayEG6/TeggyJay - JDM DC2 15.Steve - Starlet GT 16.ItWasntMe - Integra DC5 (Phil) 17.Hooosay - DC2 18.MattyC - DC5 19.Senior30 - EP3 20.k20spoon - ep3 20.Civic_eg_wide - EG4 21.xKreLLe - EK4 22.13ob - Silver EJ6 23.Alan- Green EJ6 24.Vickesh - Civic 25.Mugged Off - CTR FN2 26.Jamezdc2 - White/Rusty BA7 27. Tang_01 - UK DC2 28.fyse jdm dc2 29.Sizey1980 - NHB EP3 30.Burgess - Satin silver EP3 31.maxthomas crx deslsol 32.Jsa26 SiR2 + others 33.Josh1921 - Milano EP3 34.nighthawk type r -ep3 35.Le8 - DC2 36.Toyracer - Accord type R 37.Mrfresh13 - Blue DC5 38.Oboy - NHB EP3 39.FD-Tel 40.jsa26 - SiR2 41.Jonny Ricer - mb6 42.Delboy - 96 JDM DC2 43.Chrishdc2 - DC2 jdm 44.DC2SiR - DC2 SiR 45.turbo_scotty - dc2 ukdm 46.Yokomo - 350Z 47.Shrwd - Milano EP3 48.MrPeriPeri - Cosmic EP3 49.luke_R - Cosmic EP3 50.Chunks88/Pricey Lad - SS EP3 51.Crispy_Chris - Satin silver EP3 52.Taylor_CTR - Milano EP3 53.Hubert/EG5 54.Alex/DelSol 55.BEADS 56.ruszs05- ej9 57.TiCo_87 - EM1 58. -paul - Zonda R 59. danscivicsir2- mates evo 7 60. CRX - VW Passat (+Evo 8 and starlet GT) - eg4 62. Sarah & George (Chinglish Peasant) - K20'd EM2
  5. Bristol Meet 5th Feb 2011

    Great pics Ash, the ones from on the way home came out well
  6. Jap Show July 2010

    Here's a few of the pics I took today at Santa Pod. I wont put them all up as I took over 100 and a lot of them were of George's car enjoy
  7. South Mimms 27.06.2010 - Loony's pics

    great pics as always, thank you for the lovely one of Jasmine
  8. EM1 Vs EM2 - Which is better?

    As much as I love George's EM2, it's comfy, better on fuel etc I wouldn't swap my EM1 for anything, I love the B series cross over, sounds so aggressive
  9. great pics Jasmine (our puppy) enjoyed the day and i'm pleased to say she is no longer afraid of cars after seeing everyones today
  10. GARAGE 786 finally in the 10s!

    Congrats Yasir, well done
  11. The Crashes At Fast Show

    After spending the whole day stood on the stands, I can definately say that glue was put down on the whole of the 1/4 before every round of the HKS, don't know if maybe they just didn't put as much down or what but they definately went up and down on both sides.
  12. B18ctrb please reply

    If I remember correctly I think it worked out cheaper for him to send everything in bulk to his mate in NI and for him to then send out to individuals. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Glad you liked them, here's a few others I took. and of course the day wouldn't be complete without George doing something silly . . . . enjoy
  14. Hertfordshire meet Every tuesday

    It's not at the Forum car park anymore, it's now moved to Screw Fix on Mundells roundabout in Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1FS. And it is every Tuesday. Was quite a good turn out last night considering how cold and miserable the weather was.
  15. Local lad killed in a Civic...

    merged the two threads