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  1. RC Drifting

    My new RC Drift chassis, the MST RMX-D VIP in purple. I LOVE this thing!  
  2. RC Drifting

    Looks to me like either the fwd endpoint is set too low or the motor could need replacing if it's got gunk in it or is particularly old.
  3. RC Drifting

    I guess I should update this thread too. I was at the European Championships in Holland last week and I managed to bag 4th place out of 155 using my XXX-D VIP HT   Mitto also won best chassis with his XXX-D VIP HT.
  4. RC Drifting

    Fair comment, but from my own experience I'd rather spend a few hundred quid and see what a hobby is like using good gear, that worst case scenario is still worth money if you decide to sell up rather than spend less on something that you won't get much for if you decide to sell, and have your experience hindered by the gear you're using to judge a hobby. It's like trying our track days using a 1.4d polo vs an EK9 - one is better designed for the job and the other is being forced to do something it was never designed to do.
  5. RC Drifting

    "Looking to get into this stuff soon" - AWESOME!   "got my eye on a few tt01's on eBay" - Not awesome.   I'd personally avoid TT-01s and HPI Sprint, both are very basic chassis that will need heavily modifying to be good... and if you're new it's easier to buy an MS-01D RTR that only needs battery/charger etc and will take you all the way to top level drifting if you wanted to go that route later on.   A TT-01D is barely worth using in a car park in my honest opinion
  6. RC Drifting

    I haven't had time to paint my Corolla yet, but I did get a TRD wing for it from Japan along with a load of big offset Watanabe wheels  
  7. RC Drifting

    A gyro makes life a lot easier. I did tested RWD for a couple of years with no Gyro and now I have one I wish I'd got one earlier. My goal is to "get off" the gyro but I'd get one to get up to speed. Also you won't get far with a RWD maverick buddy, or even a CS one - they are very basic with not much lock available at all!
  8. RC Drifting

    Starting to take shape - not sure if I'll go with that bonnet or a stock non-vented one...  
  9. RC Drifting

    My next body project - N2 AE86  
  10. RC Drifting

    My FC body got freshened up last weekend   Here's my MST XXX-D HT VIP - in lovely silver     Stew, you need to come back down to Soul RC one day when I'm not off!
  11. RC Drifting

      This batteries are 3S, you will need 2S - 7.4V (not 11.1). If you want everything, check out our bundle deal on here.  MST starter bundle deal.
  12. RC Drifting

    That sounds odd. Which LED kit do you have? Is it designed for a 1:10th scale.7.2/7.4V car? The voltage the receiver sees is much less so it could be that the kit has drawn too much current but I'd be very surprised if that's the case.
  13. RC Drifting

    I wrote a post that anyone looking to get into RC drifting might find helpful. You can check it out here on the MST blog.   Here's a few photos I've taken at the Soul RC track.   I let JR run my body when twinning with Mitto, so managed to take some photos of it - The green FC3S     The rest of these photos on the Soul RC Facebook page.
  14. RC Drifting

      I think you'd be surprised at how much faster you will learn on a dedicated track, surrounded by more experienced drivers - they help you out and you can follow them, and get tuning advice etc. It's a very friendly atmosphere here at Soul RC as long are you're respectful
  15. RC Drifting

    Yes, they work well on the front with the right set-up. Many people use GA26 on the rear, and FR-F on the front here at Soul RC.   Normally we send all our post via 1st class, but it's that time of year at the moment where some people are finding Royal Mail deliveries taking longer than usual so I can't promise any delivery time that isn't via courier right now, since they are still hitting their next working day before noon deadlines