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  1. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    cheers mate my new pb (on slicks) a bit more seat time and sort my gearbox and 9's are on the cards
  2. TOTB Pics

  3. TOTB Pics

  4. TOTB Pics

    a few pics from totb
  5. Civiclife team for TOTB 29th July 2012

    i should have my crx ready for this
  6. Eg rear brakes

    yes, both the same
  7. Wheel vote 48hours!

    aleast post some pics of the wheels so people can help you out
  8. 3" should do the job
  9. West London Collective - February Meet

    nice pics, looks like a good meet
  10. yorkshire meet sunday 18th march @ xscape

    ill pop to this one 1,Leeds106(CL/TRO) 2,Tegjames (CL/TRO) 3,Eurorob(TRO) 4,B18dave(CL) 5,mr roboto(CL) 6,dannyb358(CL) 7,li'(TRO) 8,EP3-joe(TRO) 9,IV-tec(CL/TRO) 10,morf(CL) 11.Slurchek3 12, Klink(CL) 13. Gsung 14. Ash 15.Ernie(CL) 16.Testpress
  11. State your B18 Set up & Power

    Engine/Box b16 head spoon cams spoon can pulleys spoon valves spoon valve springs toda titanium retainers spoon headbolts b20b block b18c R crank b18c R rods rs machine pistons z10 crank girdle b18c R oil pump breather system with modified mocal catch can b18c R inlet maifold hondata inlet gasket 68mm throttle body b18 gsr injectors sytecfuel filter with hi flow filter braided fuel line walbro 255 fuel pump spoon thermostat spoon fan switch spoon rad pipes fluidyne radiator spal 12" fan spoon rad cap no power figures yet needs a tune, should be 230-240 bhp
  12. External wastegate help!

  13. External wastegate help!

    i bet you have left the metal sealing ring seal out and the boost is leaking straight out of the screamer pipe
  14. Eg lips

    i would go with oem
  15. lightened crank

    personally i wouldn;t bother,just get it balanced with the clutch/flywheel