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  1. The Official Formula 1 Thread

    Vettels a cry baby.
  2. Must......resist........modifications........ Nooooooooo

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shaggy EK4

      Shaggy EK4

      Knew about the bm lol just wondered if hes gone back to a honda now aswell....

    3. titch


      Do it!

    4. Smiley


      Volks downsizing there TE for bmw range. 18s in grey only.

      May have to search the second hand market.

  3. AWD Civic

    I'll tell you now, once you've done all that work, you'd then have a suspension strut right were your drive shaft needs to be. There is a reason why the crv stuff is used...... My advice is research, research and then research more, otherwise it's gonna cost 4times as much every time you make a fuck up, someone else has already made.
  4. New Type R!

    That video is awesome, and the noise! I hope it sounds like that in real life. I miss noise so much at mo. Dam quiet car.
  5. New Type R!

    still looks like frog eye to me.     that is off course if you guys havent actually read the last link, and are still refering to the concept, of which the tail lights have been dropped for production.     gutted
  6. New Type R!

    I better start praying that the estate gets this engine. I know ive said it already. But them rear lights awful!
  7. New Type R!

    Grrrrr awful rear lights are back! Deal breaker for me
  8. The Official Formula 1 Thread

    If I was Hamilton I'd try and beat him, but if it looks like he's not gonna get passed with a few laps to to. Sling one up the inside and let rosberg decide if they both finish or not. Try and scare him down the escape road at Mirabeau....... If they both end up in the barrier, Hamilton still has title lead, if rosberg bottles out of it, Hamilton wins. If rosberg goes down the slip road, dependant on how close the red bulls are, he could end up 4th as he waits to back out again.
  9. The Official Formula 1 Thread

    Did rosberg go off on purpose? Not at all, lost control and had to keep it out the barriers. Did he need to reverse back on to track at that time? Not at all, and if he didn't realise his reversing would cause other to slow down he's dumber than people think. He did it on purpose to ensure he wasn't beaten, F1 need american rules, if you cause a yellow flag you can't benefit from it! If anyone was on a hotter lap before the yellow he should start behind them.
  10. The new Leon Cupra

    You are wrong,
  11. The new Leon Cupra

    I and a Leon fr550 for 6months, spent 4 of that at seat as it never worked. And the build quality in the dash was attrotious(radio did not fit right, was at an angle and squeaked) When working it was okay though.
  12. veetec1 on ebay...anyone have contact details?

    What parts are you after? There plenty of traders, and breakers on here that will be more than willing to help.
  13. X2. We need to bin the ones that no longer play and get a new list of actice players. . So Siteone Smilley792 And just to add. I own all the land. They need to update the game so i can get more sharpish.
  14. The Official Formula 1 Thread

    Dude. Your totally miss understanding the engine formula. Mercedes make the engine. Mclaren, force india and williams get them from mercedes. Mercedes do the r and d. When they can release the newly developed engine. Mclaren, force india and williams then get that exact same engine. there is no. You have the old engines. Or you cant have this part as you aint a works team. The engines are all identical in all merc powered cars. Cost merc the money. But then they are selling the roghts to use said engine. So in a way. All 4 teams are paying for the r and d. And all 4 teams recieve the exact same benefit from said r and d.
  15. The Official Formula 1 Thread

    Ferrari Mercedes renault. There the only engine mabufacturers currently in the sport. The smaller teams get the same engines as the top teams. So thats irrelevant. Dont limit fuel. We get cars doing 5mpg and it leads to nothing usefull for the car industry. 900bhp cars doing 45mpg is gonna lead to the future hot hatches super saloons doing mpg on par with current diesels. Which is surely a good thing?