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    I shared it the day u first posted it dude but not seen anything since. And that Matthew Cole kid looks familiar to me for some reason but I don't know why. But a lot of people from everywhere come to hang out in bridgend so I'll keep my eyes peeled bro
  2. Fast & Furious 6 Game

    Was addicted. Got pissed off though as u don't get enough cash for upgrades. Now I'm addicted to the transformers game lol. Its one of those shitty games u can quite shake
  3. New Shell V Power coming out next week

    My j's ecu is mapped from the n1 series in japan. So im fucked either way. But i can tell the diff between the 2. 95 ron is boggy and rough. Only time ill use it is if i tun out of fuel and its the onky thing they have :/
  4. OEM VTI Front Lip

    I wrote that for lex. Doh!
  5. OEM VTI Front Lip

    Got the part number for the eg lip?
  6. OEM VTI Front Lip

    WHATTTT!!! Fuck. My vti lip is going up for sale *rare as fuck* haha
  7. Samsung Galaxy S4

    I wish 1gb was enough. Ive higherd mine too 2gb and then i have to force myself to stop before i get charged more. I had 6months unlimited data and was using anything upto 8gb. As for reviews online about which is better... tbh i think its personal preference on what is better. And i think all phones are shit no anyways. Bored of my s3. Got an ipod so dont want an iphone. Wouldnt want one anyways. To me their putting to much little things in which are good and bad. And making other things too limited to a user.
  8. wallpaper fitting SG3

    i just used photoshop to make my own worked hmm i did read about upgrading the battery, any idea's on one for mine?
  9. Dogging tales channel 4!

    Ok i just chucked it on +1 and its nearly finished. Am i right that he takes his wife there and lets guys fuck her?
  10. Frenchie From Cardiff

    Lol got rid of the 200sx did u?
  11. Frenchie From Cardiff

    So are u jake and bens mate or not? Lol
  12. wallpaper fitting SG3

    Thwir gay though. And eat ur battery
  13. Metal Gear Solid 5

    Hmm may try 4 then. Forgot about it only being on ps.. lucky theres a spare ps3 around the house somewhere lol
  14. getting really frustrated and fucked off now, cant use ANY pic id like for a background as they dont fit, trying to make one on photoshop to fit the screen dimension's but even then you cant make them fit!   anyone know any ways around it?   i've downloaded wallpaper wizadrii but even that is pretty wank   rage over!