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  1. my car wont start!

    was the passenger central locking,I disconnected it and no more probs
  2. my car wont start!

    hi guys, my battery keeps dieing grrr. bought a new onea few months back and its gone flat a few times also, its happened today after not driving for 1 day. i only drive 10 miles a day could it be too few a miles? why is it suddenly dieing on me now? the only change i can think of is my passenger side central locking not working.
  3. where to get iphone 3gs unlocked & jailbroken

    yeah unless its a 3GS on firmware 3.1.2 you have to jailbreak it and then run a program called yellow snow.
  4. where to get iphone 3gs unlocked & jailbroken

    this basically, i did it mainly for the themes. Im not really into pirated apps although its easy to do. with the jailbreak you can also run emulators and play GBA and sness games. I just like tweaking it. its no worries on the warranty, you cannot brick it by jailbreaking and you can reset to factory settings and apple wont know.
  5. where to get iphone 3gs unlocked & jailbroken

    just check in settings, you might be lucky and still have 3.0 if not you can still jailbreak with http://blackra1n.com/ tutorial http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=5527
  6. where to get iphone 3gs unlocked & jailbroken

    nah just run the program in xp compatibility mode pwnage is downloadable from the devteam blog btw. i just downloaded a pre jailbroken firmware version made with it http://www.ilikemyiphone.com/2009/10/13/download-custom-firmware-3-1-2-jailbreak-activate-unlock-iphone-2g-3g-3gs-mac-and-windows/
  7. where to get iphone 3gs unlocked & jailbroken

    what firmware is on it? if it has 3.1 or 3.1.2 already then you wont be able to unlock it for the foreseeable future, jailbreak wont be a problem just search for blackra1n or pwnage tool if you have a mac. theres plenty of tutorials on sites like iclarified and iphone forums.
  8. what colour for fat fives

    Just had my wheels powder coated in birmingham, bissell street near town...
  9. what colour for fat fives

    bump, has anyone had trouble getting the centre caps colour matched after wheels are coated? also, any opinions on a mettallic brown on a black EG6? its a choice of white again or silver.
  10. Good / Bad adverts.

    any of the older guys remember the neutralia garnier shower gel late night advert. the blonde bird rubbing it over her tits this was like 15 years ago. the old skool honda ads are jokes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsxVtJ7Gbxk
  11. yeah he scrubbed it with a wire brush when it was on a rotating thingy. I saw some paint get taken off.
  12. first time i tok it to kwik fit and they took the tyre off and remounted i guess, it didnt fix it so i took it somewhere else and they took em off and reasealed them. could it be the valves? It still hasnt fixed it, grrr. looks like a need a full refurb. thanks for the replies.
  13. vauxhall banded steels on my eg hatch?

    anyone got a list of which other manufactures wheels will fit an EG hatch? Am I ok with wheels of a rover?
  14. Cool non-Jap cars

    i sometimes fancy an E30 baby M, 2.5 IS i think? would anyone reccomend them over a VTI?
  15. nice one. its weird the way it suddenly came on virtually overnight. annoying to say the least.