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  1. Homeless Meet Sunday April 4th

    mystery machine - hahaha
  2. Homeless Meet Sunday April 4th

    ill come.. wont be in the ep though
  3. Ep rear wiper delete

    there is a plastic trim screw cover in the plastic behind the tailgate wiper motor.. fits the whole exactly
  4. gruppe m

    ive run one for 2 years with no problems
  5. k-pro

    tdi did my kpro.. no problems.
  6. ep2/ep3 striping out the back seats???

    mine has nothing in the back
  7. Glow in the dark BBS's

    would look good with led washer jets to match
  8. iPhone 3Gs or Blackberry Storm 2

  9. ITR... must see... interesting conversion!

    I actually quite like it apart from the colour of the boot lid.
  10. anyone on facebook?

    Anton Elliott
  11. pics from homless meet

    nice pics the girlfriend will be pleased you got hers
  12. cant find the best system for my ep3

    on my old cosmic it was very quiet tbh.
  13. Denmark Civic For Sale... Check this out!!!

    I dig it.. apart from the bonnet and ott interior
  14. cant find the best system for my ep3

    my toda makes a nice subtle noise my old ep had a magnex and that was almost silent