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  1.   So its that time of year again where we host our growing summer meets. These meets have become pretty well known now as one of the biggest meets in the North West. Always have a large amount of hondas so make sure you get down! This meet is for any type of car so everyone is welcome to turn up and put whatever car they wish on display.  Goes without saying. no idiots. No speeding, drifting etc... Your details will simply be handed over to the police. Don't ruin it for everyone else. Across the road is a Krispy Kremes so fill up your boots! Hope to see you all there! Get sharing, the more the merrier!   here is the link to the event on facebook for you facebook users! 
  2. has anyone bought one of these stuke exhausts yet?

  3. well, its been pondering my mind. once I get on a browse for parts online. once I have an idea in my head, that's it, I have to buy a car part.   im a student and I cant afford to be buying parts for my car. But most sessions of looking at car parts online seem to end up in a minimum of £40 being spent.   Anyone else feel they are just too tempted and cant help themselves from buying car shit..
  4. OEM tweeters

      haha nice one!
  5. OEM tweeters

      okay so this is reviving a really old thread. but I have a facelift ej9 aswell. looking to put some ek4 tweeters in my car. Did you ever find out if it was just simply a case of plug and play?
  6. Trafford Park Manchester Sunday 8th Sept

    That's good as there are quite a few supras confirmed to be there
  7. 9 Days to go!! Don't miss one of the biggest meets in the North of England! and the opportunity to be one one of them sick car videos you see on youtube!! you know the ones I mean.
  8. It's Back! After our huge success in june, we have decided to host yet another one of our huge meets!       This is basically a huge static meet for all types of cars. So everyone is welcome... last meet we had loads of Dubs, Drift cars, Jap etc etc and ended up being great as people came from all over.   This meet will be held in Trafford Park at the Asda Car park on the 8th of September . This meet will be static meet, hoping to bring together all different styles from the pure track bred cars right through to the sump scraping low stanced cars. There will be photographers present at the meet so make sure your car is looking clean and this can also be a great opportunity to get some decent photos of your own cars.   So spread the word, paste it on facebook,twittter and wherever else so that we can get as many people attending as possible. The more the merryer. This meet is not limited to any certain make of car HOWEVER we will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour, such as racing around the car park, wheel spinning, loud revving and whatever other idiotic things you can think of. If anyone decides not to conform to what we believe to be acceptable then we will have no problems passing on your details to the police.   Address: Asda Trafford Park Barton Dock Road Manchester M41 7ZA     >>CLICK HERE<< for the full photos from the last huge meet!!     here is the link to the facebook page!!   Hope to see you there!!    
  9. Here's the link to the website where the write up was.... Then if you scroll to the bottom in the website, there is a thing you can click to like the Facebook page. And there are more photos of the meet in the Albums section on that page!
  10. So u have an EK hatch facelift... My car is currently rubbing a spoon n1 style exhaust. And the backbox pipe is touching the bottom of the rear bumper. Now I plan on getting a rear lip for the car. The exhaust is getting fabricated on Monday so it sits a lot higher underneath but while I'm there I will ask them to lower the backbox slightly to accommodate room for the rear lip. Now what I ask you lot is... How much room would you say I need leave so I can fit the rear lip...
  11. Far-Out : Japfest 2

    So I just did a quick write up on the website. feel free to give it a read and any comments and criticisms are welcome!   I was on the civiclife stand... so its more of a write up of the full day out..   Heres the link...     heres a taster..            
  12. Okay so... I have an ej9.. The catalic converter has a crack in it... And today when I was driving it,, it suddenly became very load so the crack either got bigger or it came loose from the manifold. So I was on my way home.. As I pulled into my road.. The engine warning light came on and then the speedo started going crazy. Can anyone shed any light!!
  13. Japfest 2 @ Donington Park

    Do you mean mine?