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  1. Hiya rach!!! that was me today in the que at the enterance of the pod looking at you lol, i was in my mates green scooby wagon!!! U was looking at me like WTF is he looking at LMAO.....

  2. hallo! civic's looking good and clean ! :)

  3. Mids Meet Easter Sunday

    I asked where u were Ben when we first got there, but didnt know Dom knew you at that point
  4. Mids Meet Easter Sunday

    noel and rec - cheers....i was impressed with my skills (and the lil shitty thing did me proud ) bognorcivic - the old prelude was with us....
  5. Mids Meet Easter Sunday

    that pic of us is well funny....good edit noel!!! here's my pics....but no borders or anything fancy like that I am afraid! ....and Neilvtec on the way
  6. Mids Meet Easter Sunday

    ur car is ace jody....lovin the bride seat! will put my pics up 2moro
  7. fuck off luv

  8. Civic life weekender Cancelled

    I'm going to buy mine and Neilvtec's now....sorry I haven't done this before been working too hard gonna be good if we get enough tickets.....come on people
  9. Yeah I know I'm still lookin forward to kickin your arse :lol: Not sure when the next mids meet is but hopefully soon :) What happened 2 ur msn? x

  10. i know.. i lost my msn so thats prob why :(, any midlands meets coming up? Still gota have that game of mini golf :cool:

  11. cheshhhhh.....long time no spk dude....hows it goin?? :D x

  12. Prelude 2L engine into EG??

    sound nice 1 I will spk to my mate and let u know
  13. she's your p.i.c lol i'll proberly see you up there then xx

  14. Insane

    he's gonna get a big dissappointment......idiot :???: