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  1. Any Members in Coventry/Surrounding Areas?

    As naDiel has mentioned sainsburys charge £1 for 3mins, I use the one on Lockhurst Lane its not bad.. depends where you are staying though i guess
  2. Any Members in Coventry/Surrounding Areas?

    Another one bites the dust lol what happened to it?
  3. Any Members in Coventry/Surrounding Areas?

    What cars you guys driving?
  4. Anyone in coventry?

    Google black out tints he should be able to help
  5. new civic type r

    I did indeed mean the FD2! Old age is getting to me lol
  6. new civic type r

    If it looks like the concept then this will be f*****g AMAZING! I really do hope Honda don't back out and go all out on this.   As for the redline, we need to remember it's not going to be like the VTEC engines we are used to seeing. Also the gent in the video above has set the standards very high claiming that this civic R will be the most aggressive R to date! even more so than the NSX-R and the FN2?! i'm really excited *time for some boost 'n' vtec me thinks..
  7. Japfest 2 track time

    Im looking for some track time
  8. Manifold wraps vs coating

    How much wrap do you guys think will be needed to do a 3" downpipe and a screamer pipe?   Is there any difference between the Titanium wraps DEI do compared to the normal heat wraps?
  9. Show us your Teggies!

  10. Manifold wraps vs coating

    I'm contemplating wrapping my down pipe and screamer pipe... but the thought of the wrap potentially causing the exhaust to crack is really off-putting
  11. Cel Code 17 - VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)

      As above, that solved my issue.
  12. HIP HOP
  13. Watercooled Wastegates

    Exactly my thoughts, im going to get some lines made and give it a go
  14. Watercooled Wastegates

    I think Mick meant join the wastegate water return to the turbo turbo return? There is a spare waterport on the back of the skunk2 manifold, which i have blocked off. Would that be good to use for the water feed?
  15. Watercooled Wastegates

    @4dvti I have thought about ceramic coating but thats something for the future, I guess its not a cheap process either? @Mick I need to look into boost protect and how that works but it could be an option i guess.