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  1. ill get straight into it, basically my ep3 is knocking in every gear once your moving.(over 10mph), the noise goes away when clutch down and goes into gear fine and drives crunches or hard to get it etc ect....its not a loud knocking either. please help as im so confused on what could be.   thanks ryan
  2. ecu and harness question.

    yeah just looked and found a obdb2 to obd1 harness.! thats the one aint it??
  3. ecu and harness question.

    yeah thought so. oh well should be able to sell on, were do i buy the harness from for my facelift? cheeeeeeeeeeeeers
  4. ecu and harness question.

    hi everyone just a quick question, basically i have a p28 mapped on h-tune and a harness conversion to fit a ek. will it fit/compatible with my em1 vti facelift as the car it came from was pre-face im pretty sure? cheers ryan
  5. What have you done to your Honda today?

    nothing. sat on my drive as it won't get into work due to speed coilovers wound all the way a BAWS
  6. Really good pictures bud! Can't believe people coming from all that way.:/ nutters
  7. yo buddy, iv'e sent you the payment for 2x tickets! also pm'ed ya my details ect ect cheeeeeeeers
  8. What did everyone get for Christmas then?

    She said she got it on eBay buddy, came from America! Looks cool, white dc2 mugen edition.
  9. What did everyone get for Christmas then?

    i did pretty well this year really, i got a ps3 with fifa 12 and saints row 3, loads of clouths, socks and boxers, aftershaves, to many linxs a build your own mugen dc2 teg from the missis, nearly bought myself a eg hatch for myself but my mate got ahead of me. oh well but yeah best ever as it was my first christmas with my 6month old daughter and our new house. BOOM
  10. hi si, what do i put in car details as i haven't got my Honda yet? i sold my em1 but i miss it so buying a civic in the new year. hopefully ill win most random mods cheers ryan
  11. ek hatch 1.5 v-tec.....

    yeah it doesn't need a lot to make nice! i really miss my old em1 but my heart is in a i hope i get it
  12. ek hatch 1.5 v-tec.....

    thanks for the comments guys, think ill go for it! so watch this iv got half a turbo kit at home.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. ek hatch 1.5 v-tec.....

    sorry for the shit pics but they from him..
  14. ek hatch 1.5 v-tec.....

    ok sounds good, thanks for the reply's everyone! must be that cypress green then. he wants 1100 for it with full mot and tax till feb. might go for it ill get some pic's up but it looks very but i can save it:) cheers Ryan
  15. ek hatch 1.5 v-tec.....

    i thought 65k was a good low millege though