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  1. camber kit don't know what to do

    I had no camber arms on my dc2 for ages, was lowered on coilovers and I had the tracking setup - just the toe. You do not need aftermarket toe arms to set toe up tho. My tyres lasted over 2 years and they were parada spec 2's @5000miles a year.
  2. camber kit don't know what to do

    Its a case of where you want to stop? You could start re-bushing etc. If youre changing to coilovers, you'd be as well doing arb drop links + arb bushes and rear lca's as the bushes will be worn out in those. I found out the hard way by only putting on coilovers to then practically change everything . To get a full geo properly set up when your car is lowered youll need front and rear camber arms. Toe'ing arms are no essential in the slightest as toe is already adjutsable. Dont lower the car to much is youre running camber arms with the bolts adjustable from the top. Its really a pain to adjust camber so my advice would be get the new Skunk 2 camber arms and cyberspeed rear cambers arms. 
  3. camber kit don't know what to do

    Beware, hardrace and Meister camber arms are a total pain to adjust on the car. (Front). They have adjustment screws on the top - which is by far the most stupid thing I've ever seen. I know I was saying the quality was amazing on the hardrace and it is...I just had a full FRSU today and the front camber was a nightmare, you have to keep jacking the wheel up and take inner arch liner off to get to the screws. Obv when you jack the car up the alignment changes when lowered again, so it's a guessing game to see how close you can get it!!!!! Skunk 2 do a Camber kit which you can adjust from the bottom - best way. No quality issues with either cyberspeed or hardrace...but come on, who would honestly design them to be adjusted from the top!!!!!!!!
  4. camber kit don't know what to do

    You cant set up a lowered car without correcting camber. So there fore, buying coil-overs and lowering your car and just skimping on camber arms is pointless - especially if you want to track it. Just purchased hardrace front camber arms for my DC2 and the quality is amazing!!
  5. Just wondering if anyone's used Hardrace front camber arms? Can't decide between those and cyberspeeds from MeisterR. The price is quite a bit different.
  6. Honda Day Scotland - 29th June 2014

    Anyone heading from the perth/dundee area? 
  7. 2015 new type r concept

    If its similar to the concept (without bonnet grills haha), comes in champ white, with a doubt ill look to buy this! 
  8. how do you measure your ARB?

    Digital caliper would be your best bet.
  9. Banzi@Crail

    ill be heading from perth at 8ish leaving with a few people. Im going in a white 96 spec reg N834 ENE, so might see yous up there!! 
  10. Banzi@Crail

    I'm heading up with a couple of other people, from the perth area. Few people off the forum are going as well.
  11. Cant seem to find one, does it share the same rear wheel bearing as the mb6? All i can find is 98 spec ones. Help appreciated.
  12. Banzai @crail

    Quite a few people heading from glasgow way on Will be a good day, weather looks to be good...
  13. Banzai @crail

    Anyone heading up to crail for banzai this sunday? Would be good to get a convoy? Im leaving from perth in the morning sometime. Seems this section is rubbish for scottish meets tho
  14. Cant belive people sell those steering wheels! Video is mad haha.
  15. setup on meisterR zeta S

    Why not just drive it around and adjust it perfectly to the way you like it?