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  1. what do you mean? for sale or on my car?

  2. hi there, what rims do u have. which rotas?

  3. South Mimms Meet >>> PICS!

    great pics! loved the jordans!
  4. is it for a pair that part number?
  5. Newbie from Northampton!

    yes ill definately be there!! oh yeh.....i bought a jordan!! hollys from here! its mint! not sure if ill have my jordan by then as im selling my pug at athe mo but i will still come along!!!
  6. Newbie from Northampton!

    mine is 1.4 16v sport...he he!
  7. Newbie from Northampton!

    Don't laugh but I have a French car...Pug 206! Finally seen sense and gone for a Honda!
  8. hey

    welcome, nice car!
  9. Hi, Just thought I would introduce myself on here as I'm looking to get a Civic Jordan in the next few weeks. I work with BigJames who is a member of this forum and told me all about it!