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  1. Apparently your occupation is a dildo model?

  2. Looks wank. Don't do it!
  3. Accord Help

    Hi guys. I wonder if anyone can help. Does anyone know of anyone that stocks suspension for 1990-1993 accord coupes. Or what brands to look for. Thanks in advance. Jack
  4. pre facelift fogs

    ^ how much? lol
  5. BMW 5 series cock up

    i like it, it shows.......................... daftness
  6. buddy club spec 3,problem.

    definately requires a jdm cat, all BC's do
  7. buddy club spec 3,problem.

    you need a JDM size cat my man.
  8. Rusty bonnets - hot new trend?

    that merc is lovely!
  9. 1996 vsm ek4...gauging and what is it worth??

    Now in for sale section for
  10. 1996 vsm ek4...gauging and what is it worth??

    cheers mate. Anyone else Ideas on price, i'm trying to see if i can justify selling up.
  11. 1996 vsm ek4...gauging and what is it worth??

    Pics added
  12. Gauging interest and a 'whats it worth' price really guys, sorry if its in wrong section. Here we are, 1996 VSM EK4 125K Tien Super Streets w/o top mounts (about 3K on them) Ksport Orange LCA's DC Sports 4-1 Brushed s/s mainfold Buddy Club Spec IV exhaust JDM Size (small visible dent on side and flat spot underneath, doesn't affect exhaust) JDM 12" DeCat pipe Apparently DC Sports (as told by FunkyFaz) EK9 Cat EK4 Cat K&N Drop in filter (1k on it) Rota Rewinds on Toyo T1R's Skunk2 Front and Rear Chrome Strut braces. Type R style Grill Type R style Rear Lip Bubble Skirts Standard Skirts OEM Grill DIY EK9 lights Genuine Spoon gearknob in black genuine ek9 red shift boot (fag burn on it) JVC AVX1 (I think) CD/DVD player with tiny 3" screen built in. Also old exhaust system. Made by BlueFlame 2.5" piping, 4" tip, nice low sound (UK EK4 size) OEM VTi suspension OEM super rare Honda/Clarion tape player. I think that's it. Any Ideas what its worth? Forgot the JDM genuine Honda Wind deflectors and the pictures here you are Jack NOW IN FOR SALE SECTION
  13. Perfect 10 car garage

    My garage!
  14. Wiper Hole Bung

    25p halfrauds bung.......... win win
  15. Wiper Hole Bung

    lets see it then?