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  1. Lightening an EJ9/EK hatch chassis

    http://thenaritadogfight.com/2014/05/25/feature-weightless-motivation-a-closer-look-at-garage-work-v-1/ don't know if you have seen this eg before but he has managed to get rid of a fair amount of weight
  2. Lightening an EJ9/EK hatch chassis

    what about running a fuel cell??
  3. £20,000 on a Chelsea Tractor...

    Meh v8 landcruiser aint all that tbh I drive everything from the 76 series up there alright quite quick even though there armoured Currently my team runs a 200 series LC in auto not bad but fuck me I'm always filling it up half a tank in two days The nicest one I've driven is the merc g wagon would love to own one Ranges ain't all that ethier tbh
  4. Tegiwa rbc intake any good? Plz help

    The RBC is a honda part that needs modifying to fit the k20 , they have been shown to make power over the standard one everytime Tegiwa doesn't make these they buy from honda and then modify and resell
  5. State your B18 Set up & Power

    Yea I know and his dyno is also know as a heart breaker, most car read low compared to his old dyno
  6. State your B18 Set up & Power

    Just recently had this built for our 4 door integra simple but effective 96 b18c Whole engine refreshed new seals Bronze valve guides .5 overbore ek9 pistons on b18c rods Aem fuel rail and aem FPR K/n filter in Oem box with 70mm cold air feed from j's racing bumper vent Mugen manifold 2.5 inch custom exhaust with cat in place Tuned with UniChip at SOS MOTORSPORT 211.6bhp and 158ftlbs To put it into perspective here's a Oem fn2 graph don't few weeks before same dyno Quite happy with it now only things I really want is a samco induction pipe , updated ignition leads
  7. High performance estates!

    my choice would be the chrysler 300c hemi loads of tuning goodies from the states seen one drag race at york, would love to get one there not really that expensive but i think they might not be too great to live with and wife not too keen she wants the new accord tourer
  8. Currently 191lbs and 5''8' with 32 inch waist
  9. Powerlifting..

    Congrats on the placing Few questions for you how does the scoring work is it add all 3 lift minus your body weight. i done a little 5x5 to change up my training and got quite strong and rather enjoyed it ,i fancy competing if I'm not too far away weight wise What was the 2nd and 1st place weights if u know
  10. K series 5spd gearbox ratios

    Just a thought buddy get a type s vin number and phone honda when you chat to the parts guy he should be able to tell u the ratios
  11. Real Racing 3 EA

    Great game to help with the service time just go into settings and go forward a month on your date and it services straight away
  12. Del Sol's..

    Can't wait to get our k24/20 sol back on the road, I've had three sol's can't fault them
  13. So who has a teg now?

    have had more than a few honda's and civics our current cars db8 with ek9 pistons and load of mugen goodies k20/24 del sol also with mugen goodies and last but not least the h2b civic which comprises of spare bits from loads of different cars still a work in progress
  14. K20 Jordan?

    4dvti it does have more in it but the boy can't drive and I have heard its being broke for parts at some point in the future
  15. K20 Jordan?

    There's also a k20turbo jordon in the Middlesbrough area