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  1. Cheap jap car insurance?

    adrian flux always do good deals
  2. Chelsea Fans!

    eto'o goal was pretty good. Chelsea didnt deserve to win. Arsenal FTW
  3. South mimms name and shame

    this guy is my hero!
  4. Battery powered impact gun

    spray some wd40 on and let it soak in. may loosen them up a bit.
  5. Confiscated Audi Q7 Police Car

  6. Because she's shy about it and wary...

    Just spat out my tea at work. look a right knobber
  7. Aem v2

    i have mine behind a j's racing intake and like everyone else has said as long as you dont submerge it or vtec when its pissing down its fine.
  8. Norwich Homeless Meet Pics 28.6.09

    i know paul cant believe it lol. everyone obv loved my new ride as well lol.
  9. anyone know where to buy these?

    there on ebay search 'honda badge'
  10. Aem v2

    there the same i have an ek4 one on my eg6 with no problems.
  11. boostys back in a honda :D

    sounds good boost
  12. finally figured out what my engine noise is but

    yeah im not driving it. i only figured it out so my rad was really low after filling it the day before.
  13. does anyone know how hard it is to change a b series water pump. and where it is located?? thanks
  14. Owned!

    no way!
  15. help with my engine nosie

    havent bought a new head yet. so honda are probably gonna rape me but im no mechanic so i dont know what im looking for.