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  1. So who has a teg now?

    So here's my Honda history, currently got a DC5 but ive owned a few Honda's over the years with all kinds of other Jap cars inbetween..   My 1st Honda was a B16a2 swapped EJ9:     My next Honda was a EK4 Vti with NOS     Next Honda was a B18c swapped Facelift EK9:     I then moved onto a UKDM DC2 which i built and it ran 526bhp for a while before it blew up, never got down to why it went bang but it did and it shouldn't have       After the DC2 went bang i broke what i could for parts and bought a JRSC'd EP3:     And now im in a DC5:     Nice variety of Honda's owned..    Jamie
  2. Team 440 November 2012 meet

    Also some good picks here from scene:status that attended the meet.. http://www.scenestatusmagazine.com/LoveStatus/team-440-slam-media-yorkshire-meet/ Cheers Jamie
  3. As Gsung said the weather looks good for this Will be good to see some other Jap metal attending instead of being mainly Honda's too Roll on Sunday! Jamie
  4. Sweet Looking like its going to be a good turn out if everybody comes who says they are.. All cars welcome aswell so if you have mates with DUBS or anything tastefull bring them along, but if you have friends with saxo's and corsa's feel free not to tell them about the meet haha Jamie
  5. Lets try make this 1st meet a good one! It might be cold but just invest in a hat and you'll be fine haha We will be attending alot of shows, RWYB, DWYB, track days etc next year under the Team 440 banner. We are just a general Japanese car enthusiast group from the Yorkshire region, so if you want to hit some shows with us and have a good laugh get involved on Facebook via the links at the top. We will be holding smaller meets just like the West Yorkshire CL meets of the past, just abit more regular. Jamie
  6. Wow dont see many Mitsubishi Eclipse's in the UK, always wanted one of those.. That S15 looks pretty naughty too Some really nice cars there, but that jordan is running waaaay too much camber on the back compaired to the front wheels where he's running pretty much none.
  7. West Yorkshire Meet Sept 2012

    Good pics Gary, was a really good turn out and a good variation of cars.. Was good talking to members off here too.. A few of us went back to Gary's house and had some food aswell after, hilarious as always
  8. Lazer Tattoo Removal Is Bizarre As F**K

    1. bolts bolts

      bolts bolts

      It hurt me about 10x more than the original tattoo

    2. Jono


      Thats coz ur a girl ;-)

  9. JAE 2012 coverage

    Thats Gaz wearing kerrys 'Sexy Witch' Haloween costume hahaha
  10. My JAE 2012 pics

    Yeah just seen the pic this morning, one of my friends liked it and then i did.. Awsome pic is that mate, might make it my cover photo on my profile Cheers Jamie
  11. JAE 2012 coverage

    Good pics Gary, like its been said above roll on JAE 2013.. If the world doesn't end anyway Jamie
  12. Ill turn up for the meet but wont be karting or anything.. Im foooking broke :/
  13. My JAE 2012 pics

    yeah thats the one.. Thanks mate Jamie
  14. My JAE 2012 pics

    Few cheeky pics of my RX7 there Was a quality show with some awsome cars.. Jamie
  15. Jrsc ep3 Selecting 3rd and 4th gear

    Im not here to argue with anybody.. Ive said what i wanted to say in the post above, it can be taken anyway you like and theres always going to be arguments for both sides.. He bought the car and for me to be trying to help the new owner via txt when i could have easily told him to piss off, then to come on here and see him to be saying i dont seem botherd is not ok in my eyes.. I knew nothing about any faults which were not stated in the original sale thread. Im a genuine seller and dont feel i should be getting shit for something thats happened to the car while its not been in my ownership. Thanks for your input Jamie