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  1. b18c4 turbo or k20

    Yes Site! what was i thinking. sack off the turbo and k20. i need a punto!!
  2. b18c4 turbo or k20

    well my situation is this, I would be either selling the ep3 to fund turbo b18 or breaking the ep3 and using the k20 for the kswap...   reliability of turbo b series is a concern I think of and the amazing reliability of the all motor k20    b turbo will be a lot cheaper to do also... plus ill be able to sell the k20 motor and all the mods on it    although I do love my k20...
  3. b18c4 turbo or k20

    right guys i cant make up my mind!    i have a b18c4 eg and an ep3    i cant make up my mind whether to turbo the b18 or drop the k20 into the eg?   whats are your opinions and why?   lee
  4. im on shoulders today
  5. alignment settings?

    if you want proper alignment doing you need camber adjusters 
  6. *EP Squad y0*

    i thought i already joined this.. guess not     
  7. Jdm north meets.

    on my camera which ill upload later today 
  8. Jdm north meets.

    haha nah didn't titchy   i did see it though dude looked awesome!
  9. Jdm north meets.

    got a couple of pics of this teg next to mark thorps civic
  10. weight loss advice please

    losing weight isn't rocket science... you don't need all these silly applications etc    stop eating shite... eat clean and do plenty of exercise. keep routines different.    if theres one application you should use, make it a calorie counter just to keep on top of and watch what your eating. 
  11. What boss kits you guys using?

    NRG... things can and do go wrong with momo... mine cracked along the splines last week...
  12. 2014 NORTH WALES RUN - March 23rd

    isn't it jdm north meet that day?
  13. Ep3 battery relocation for induction kit

    Just get a gruppe m or tegiwa m... Pay cheap pay twice
  14. going low on coilovers. ep3

    Sprry not been on ina while. I don't want to go silly low no. I would just like there to be no gap between tyre and arch. No tyre tucking
  15. going low on coilovers. ep3

    In order to go low I have rolled the rear archs as not much can be done for fronts apart from pushing back the little tabs on the fender. Do you have to remove the arch linings at all? Thanks