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  1. 15x8 et0 on an eg hatch

    Cheers for the nice comments this car was butcherd to fit the wheels lol u will prob need a 3mm spacer I think they are running 15x9 et0 bm8 I had these on my more dore with rolled arches and standard Canberra dunno y they ran bolt ons Camber lol bloody phone
  2. Bristol Christmas Party - Sat 4th December

    wher did it get stloen from? To much of this going on down are end !
  3. Bristol Christmas Party - Sat 4th December

    Sounds good man I need new everything the rustworm just won't stop
  4. Bristol Christmas Party - Sat 4th December

    Can do bud but will have to have and you car down so can make them to suit your setup but they are fixed one man ! You can adjust a little wit posy camber b ut not a lot
  5. Bristol Christmas Party - Sat 4th December

    What about the I-VTEC ?
  6. Bristol first 2011 meet

    Ill be ther in the dx if the rust worm holds out !
  7. Bristol Christmas Party - Sat 4th December

    its all about silly camber for lil it was rockin another 1 or 2 - on the back before we sorted it for the meet lee give me a shout if you want camber arms makin man
  8. <3 xxx

  9. mate whats up?? trying to get hold of ya..

  10. hey if u go on my started threads its called funky rotas if u go on a couple pages thers some better pics

  11. hello from cornwall!

    Welcome bud
  12. think they look good personaly good to be different too! coupes up for sale as ive got an em1 now was a bit gutted at first about having to sell it but new car more than makes up for it already.

  13. yeah had the green coupe were you with your mate? think know who you are now! liking the wheels by the way.

  14. the best civic ive seen!

    looks like he crashed into halfords lol
  15. hey man good to see u at torbay cruise wher gonna meet at exeter on the first sunday of july at 2pm the jap meet will be ther at the same time to make up the numbers cheers bud