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  1. B Series, Small Parts Required

    You could use silicone hose to replace the rubber one and make your own ground wire.  
  2. Striped interior. Cleaning up!

    Plumbers pipe freeze spray is easy to get hold of. I used petrol to remove the residue after chipping the deadening out. Make sure you do it outside or you''ll get high on the fumes.....
  3. Engine mounts

    My best guess would be something from a Rover. Maybe a 400 ? Are there not any aftermarket mounts for your car?  
  4. Whiteline arb info

    They look really cheap when you get them. I used something like these....      Make sure you grease the theads before you install them. Theyre available in different lengths as theyre a universal fitment.     
  5. Whiteline arb info

    My comments are based on one fitted to my eg6.... The coating is prone to rust but mine hasn't seen much rain in three years, so still looks ok. The droplinks provided are abit rubbish. I opted to buy a set of whiteline adjustable drop links which are far superior. After a few hours track use my arb crept to one side and was rubbing. We had to loosen it off to re centre it, then custom make some small alloy lock blocks to stop it happening again.  I'd still recommend whiteline  
  6. Would really Appreciate Help and Advice!

    You'd probably be better off trying the specialist insurers on here. Theres a whole thread dedicated to it. Could you do a limited mileage scheme? That might help. Also driving in peak times will rise a premium. Thats soooo expensive. Last time i was insured on my civic it was something like £400 with everything declared. I'm several years older though!  
  7. Would really Appreciate Help and Advice!

    It appears to be clean and sounds like its been well looked after. Personally i think it would be worth more in the future if it was put back to standard. Its hard to value such a car as its not really a classic and to 99% of people its just an old Honda civic. £4000 is possibly abit high but they don't come up forsale very often. Lets us know what happens with it.
  8. B16a High Fuel Usage

    The pipe from the fuel tank can be left to vent to atmosphere. I think it has a non return valve in it by the fuel tank. Alot of people just cut it off in an accessible location near the fuel tank. I'm soon changing the breather system on my car which will do away with the pcv. I'll run a pipe from the oem breather box (on the back of the block) to a catch tank. Also the oem valve cover breather will be ran to the same catch tank. This should help stop alot of crud circulating the engine.
  9. Gearbox Issues

    Something like that should be fine. Maybe try contacting japserviceparts on this forum or their website. They've always been helpful to me.  
  10. B16a High Fuel Usage

    It could be due to a lack of carbon canister but i have recently read that they do bugger all after a certain number of years anyway. They become a vented catch tank. The smell of fuel is possibly because the pipework for it is venting down by the bulkhead. You can trace that pipe back to near your fuel tank and cut it off there. It runs down the passenger side of your car.  Have you checked your pcv valve ? That can clog up with oil residue which will effect emissions and running.  
  11. Gearbox Issues

    Changing the oil is a good start if you don't know when it was last done. It could also be a worn out clutch or release bearing. Theres loads of info on HondaTech about what to look out for. If the oil is really old it won't be offering much protection. Lets hope the gears haven't taken any damage.
  12. Show your fuel setup

    Getting the seal is what worries me. I wouldn't want to think of the outcome if it goes wrong. I'll probably stick with -4an for the return. That hardline adapter looks a good bit of kit. I plan on running my lines through the car but with all the fittings either at the tank or under the bonnet. Its just a planning stage at the moment, and your photos have given me some ideas. Thanks
  13. Gearbox Issues

    Worn syncros usually give a crunch as you shift up a gear. 2 - 3 is the normal one to go.
  14. Show your fuel setup

    That looks smart. I prefer the black connectors rather than the blue and red. Was there any reason for the one way valve ? Was it something recommended, or just a precaution on your behalf ? Also for the fuel return line could you of used -4an then crimped it onto the oem hardline ? Maybe a nice hose end finisher or something to keep it tidy? I'm not picking holes, just asking as i plan on doing something similar myself.
  15. It's Oh So Quiet...

    Hi Mark. The 6two1 events are organized by Adam over this way in Colchester. Hes put on a couple of shows at the Colchester football ground and several meetings at his shop on the business park which hes on. I went to both football ground shows and found them to be good. Very laid back, cars parked in line, parts suppliers set out together, and Adam ( with the help of family and friends ) made it work very well. He does his best to get round and see everyone if only for a quick hello.  I can't comment on the Mimms/Honda day shows as i've never bothered going. Yes i still have the eg6. Keep an eye on my build thread over the coming weeks. Theres quite alot of changes to come.