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  1. Today, I..

    ideal i'll have to pop up your way and have a look!
  2. Today, I..

    sweet need a dump valve thou need to let every 1 know she turbo'd!!
  3. Today, I..

    yeah defo think im going to arrange it for july sould be good sat was a big sucsess!!
  4. 35mm or 50mm springs

    oh yea and don't use stock shocks they don't like being lowered as i found out lol!
  5. 35mm or 50mm springs

    theres a pic of my ek4 on the rollers its down by 30mm looks ok but needs to be lower coz its only on 15's id go 50 if it was me!!
  6. Today, I..

    shame you didn't have it ready on sat could of put it on the dyno (its ross with the black ek with the red rotas!)