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  1. Got £11,000 spare?

    I can think of much better things to spend 11k on
  2. Gonna get another car

    WAW Get an older better Civic
  3. Want to see how much crime is in your area?

    Current location 23 Back to my roots 5 Happy days
  4. The CL FAQ Acronym Thread.

    acronym.. AIDS - Acquired immune deficiency syndrome - Better than Rotas
  5. The CL FAQ Acronym Thread.

    WAW what a wanker CWFW cunt with fake wheels
  6. That good vibe you get when...

    Wouldn't want to drag all that fuel around with me personally, half tank max for me.
  7. Civic illusion 1.4, when are cambelts due?

    In which case, he's a dick and shouldn't be dishing out advice
  8. OEM Shock Absorber issues

    It sounds like you have the help you need, just thought Id let you know, they are called Allen keys mate.
  9. Damn It! I Hate Being A Newbie!

    Glad to hear it! lets see a build up thread!
  10. Forza 3 civic life meet

    Nice post pip
  11. Damn It! I Hate Being A Newbie!

    Colour scheme? are you buying suspension for your car to look nice? or handle better? When coilovers are fitted to your car, you wont be able to see them. So surely colour is irrelevant? Honestly, I would take a look at MeisterR in the traders section. Also, have a look through peoples builds and see what suspension people are using and what they think of them. IMO spaxx and AP are fairly shite, not sure about FK but cant think of anybody that has them, there is most probably a reason for this.
  12. Damn It! I Hate Being A Newbie!

    Welcome to CL I would highly reccomend that you look at MeisterR coilovers before splashing out on anything else on a £500 budget, check the traders section!
  13. UK Honda Drag Series

    Sounds fun! I wanna loose my 1/4 mile virginity!
  14. Hella-Flush - NSFW

    LOL Who builds their car for bitches
  15. Civic 1.4 type r replica

    Yeah highly overpriced, and those wheels are dogshite mate