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  1. H22 ITB Clearance

    Was wondering if you could install the ITBs on a h22 eg, how would it be for clearance? Anyone vouch for any ITB for a H series?
  2. S4C Gearbox And MB6 LSD

  3. Was wondering whether or not you could use the S4c gear ratios and change the final drive and lsd to a S9b? If possible are the gear ratios any good?
  4. wheel adaptors

  5. Suspension

    no i have used the mb6 hubs fitted straight on to the civic eg. is that a problem?? oh okayy thanks for your opinion, looks like i am going to have to save up for some new coilovers. any idea on prices??
  6. Suspension

    oh okay thanks for the info Do you know of any1 whos got any coilovers for sale?? Must be cheap cuz i am on a tight budget must fit mb6 vti hubs, as ive done a conversion on the eg
  7. Suspension

    what it is i bought the car already and they got ebay coilovers on them and the ride is too bumpy, so i was wondering if there was any shocks that go with the ebay coilovers that will reduce the bumpy ride.. plus its got civic 1.8vti hubs on there and i do not know of any reasonable brand that is also cheap and lower the car to bwt 50mm-60mm
  8. Suspension

    Was wondering what shocks would go nice with ebay coilovers? btw these are for time being, got sum teins in mind for the near future...
  9. Civic EG Weight

    Thanks For The Infoo but still no idea on ee9:S
  10. Civic EG Weight

    thanks. any idea on how much a EE9 weighs?
  11. Civic EG Weight

    Helloo Der, Was just wondering what are the weight differences between EG ESI and EG LSI, and also what is the weight off the ee9??
  12. New Member Bham

    yup shakerspeare raceway, but was raining that day tho
  13. New Member Bham

    Yeah dats khalids evo lol what eg do you drive? thanks for the comments
  14. New Member Bham

    thanks for the comments. beastgtir wich civics r you on abwt
  15. New Member Bham

    thanks for the comments guys