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  1. Hi Chris, I wont be able to afford the exhast and the work that needs doing, as i have got the MOT booked and i think im going to have a few things done to the car. Im going to ask my uncle to weld the exhaust for now to pass the MOT. I'm sorry i cant afford it :(

  2. Hi chris, That exhaust looks good, not too big. Will it be an easy job for you to make it fit? do you know what kind of noise it will make because i dont want it to be like lees thats all. thnx :)

  3. West Yorkshire Meet Aug 09

    It would be a right laugh if we could all go go karting, last sat was the first time i had been to Teesside, we was only on thesmaller track though only 13 of us.
  4. West Yorkshire Meet Aug 09

    Its ok chris, you are welcome! any ways im off to bed, im up early again 2moz
  5. West Yorkshire Meet Aug 09

    oh, i didnt read what paradigm1980 quoted. Thanx for letting us come to your unit was a right laugh only me and you cleaned up though lol, i got lees msg you passed on to him
  6. West Yorkshire Meet Aug 09

    lol, look at lee lapping up all the compliments, hehe, you are good at taking pics though x p.s. what do you mean by a very low joke i have read what yopu have put but dont know what ur on about??:confused: are we going to arrange to go go karting?
  7. West Yorkshire Meet Aug 09

    Those pics are right good!!!!!! The meets seem to get better and better the more i go on
  8. Hey Hanna are you coming to the yorkshire meet???? its this sunday, 2nd Aug. how is your car?? x

  9. hi Garry, im coming to the meet this sunday but i wont be in my car, it needs a new back box as my other one snaped off so it sounds stupid, but im coming with lee (Offspringy) :) how is you car coming a long?

  10. lol wo gunna say i wasnt at the hull meet lol ive pmd him bout it so see wat he says

  11. ive just asked lee (offspringy) who you are because i wasnt sure about you screen name and i thought you sombody else lol. sorry about that. Lee wants that licence plate holder, think he wants to do it over pay pall. :)

  12. Hi, I went to the meet in Hull, was your friend called Laura? It was nice that there were other girls there too lol. It was cool to convoy all together to Garry's house, turned a few heads lol, should do that again. Sa3a

  13. hay hun gessin yur the one from the last yorkshire meet ?

  14. Hey Sara, i'm the one with the babyblue civic, I came down with hoho

  15. Hi, which car was yours, I dont recognise who you are from your screen name :)