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  1. Osama is dead

    1. lucas.


      Bout time

    2. WELZ


      Hope he burns in hell!!

    3. OneMoreMile.
  2. yorkshire meet, 13th feburary-xscape

    Its a great meet to go to. Its where i met most of my british mates at. If your cool enough you can meet some lifelong friends there.
  3. yorkshire meet, 13th feburary-xscape

    I really wish i could be there. America is awesome but im really missing all my british mates.
  4. yorkshire meet, 13th feburary-xscape

    That is one day I can't miss so of course I will have time off
  5. yorkshire meet, 13th feburary-xscape

    Im coming thos this meet.
  6. Good bye Realjdm meet

    maybe a week or two at the most.
  7. Good bye Realjdm meet

    America is Awesome. It will be even better when the bucket gets here
  8. wow this new civic life is weird

  9. Good bye Realjdm meet

    Nice pics Again thanks for the meet guys
  10. Can someone bring a timing light as i Fooked up the timing on my car.
  11. My car leaves monday And i leave on Sat the 1st of may. I'm happy as long as i do some dodgy dealing.
  12. Times for 1/4

    Tahir ran 13.9 in his ef but it had a jdm b18C R
  13. Thickness of arbs

    ek4 arb is the same as ek9 arb in the front. Its 26mm.
  14. I have a set of meister R's i cant fault them at all.
  15. chipped and need mapping

    It depends on what size your turbo is.