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  1. URGENT help b18c4 in eg

    get a pic of the spare plugs
  2. b16a2 obd2a into ej9 2000 obd2b

    you cant mix obd2a and b looms, thats your issue.
  3. we have done countless vtec swaps, but this one has us fucked tbh   eg3   b18c4 engine, with loom and dizzy esi full car loom p28 with c4 chip   got spark,   got fuel to the rail,      but no injector signal from the pins on the ecu,   if we unplug plug "a" from the ecu, and test the pins on the ecu, we have voltage,    soon as you plug it back in, it wont send the signal..     any ideas?   yes we've checked and rechecked all the earths, 3 different ecus, 2 dizzys, all known good working stuff, the looms came from running cars, its starting to stress me out
  4. Japfest 2013: Chat Thread.

    I don't need to, they do it by themselves
  5. Japfest 2013: Chat Thread.

    hopefully will be attending now, even though I missed the deadline, rocking a scene as fuck mx5 though.. banish me to the corner!
  6. what ever happened to quick thread approval...

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Andy


      Wonder when the thread will be approved now then. Probably on the 23rd hour tomorrow morning lol

    3. Andy



    4. Jim


      no bother sold anyway.

  7. The EG Weight Saving Guide

    Just the thread i needed
  8. So what did ya'll get for Valentines day?

    i also got deep throat.. FTW
  9. mrs bought me:   Taken 2!!!!     also boxers, socks and some chocolates... but come on, taken 2!!!!! how fucking awesome
  10. so ive been away.. have i missed much?

        not actual wife lol, just mrs
  11. so ive been away.. have i missed much?

        Ah loads of time yet, dont even know what ill be driving then, we are about to build a H22A powered EG sedan..
  12. so ive been away.. have i missed much?

        Awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks saif       although i have let a couple people down while i was a mess, slow postage etc
  13. so ive been away.. have i missed much?

    fuck.   japfest.. am i too late?
  14. afternoon ladies, not really been active since sept, but ive just got back online properly and sorted my life out,   had a bad breakup struggled with depression went back to work lost my job got drunk lots started a new business..   http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/japscrapuk   what did i miss? i miss CL banter a lot