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  1. Forza Challenge - Gamertags here

    1. knightmaric 2. NEILZORD GK 3. kel the bell 4. Haz1766 5. Blazemunky 6. AndyMcNoob 7. I RaGMaN X 8. Chr15 21 9. andy rps13 10. NinjaSmiles 11. Keepontryingm8 12. smash3000 13. Twenty Mac 14. Bossy bandit 15. Chinglish P 16. DistraughteD 17. mini sloth y0 18. Barker1993 19. KRAZ3D ONE 20. Jdm49erpaigie
  2. Spoon N1, Is it annoying?

    my mate has one on his teg. just a back box and it is quite loud to be honest, but flat out it makes the nicest sound. its all down to personal taste tho at the end of the day.
  3. South mimms.....

    And more....... bognorcivic is this yours??????? sorry.............................lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. South mimms.....

    A few more..... The 49ers This car is red really Love this car!!!!
  5. South mimms.....

    Just a few to start. Will upload more as i photoshop them.
  6. Forza 2 :P

    its fine mate. done a good job. you should buy one the civic off me so you can hace a jordan paibt job 2!!!!!! let me know
  7. BHP @ Lydden Hill May 09

    have got about 900 or so pics from the day. but thought just a selection would be good
  8. Forza 2 :P

    yes mate i did make them. why do you ask? they aren't that difficult!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Forza 2 :P

    cheers mate. will add them to all civics and post the pics later. oh and have added b18c4 to friends list.
  10. Forza 2 :P

    Around the nurb
  11. cheers mate. where abouts did you see me?

  12. alright mate, im married to Sammie and i own the white Skyline, we saw you the other day. I use to own the white auto civic coupe. may i say lovely eg hatch mate.

  13. Pics out with the others.......

    cheers mate. have a look at the bhp ones too, if you haven't already.
  14. Pics out with the others.......

    i'm not now. have removed it!!!!!!
  15. Pics out with the others.......

    what the powerspeed one?