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  1. Electronic Cigarette Blowing Up?

    I think the while blowing up in people's mouths... People get drunk and try and light them like a normal cigarette and that blows the battery in them, don't think they blow up for no reason, I'm involved in making one which doesn't use electronics, as part of that we have taken on rod the cheap battery ones apart.. I wouldn't go cheap lol they aren't built in a clean environment and sent good quality
  2. Evil clowns?

    Lol I live in kings lynn which is next to gaywood, doesn't surprise me, plenty weirdos there
  3. Anybody know anywhere that sells these? Other than Honda, Need to replace mine as are very worn Cheers Rob
  4. Exciting jobs!

    thats the one, where did you work?
  5. Exciting jobs!

    Ahh lol not really its over the other side/middle
  6. Exciting jobs!

    Bespak, if you know of it?
  7. Exciting jobs!

    That could be a short lived career if they didn't make the ride well lol I was a toolmaker and the company I work for had an opening come up in rapid prototyping department and I went for it, and got it anything they want testing through the company comes to us first, we do medical stuff so isn't the best side of prototyping but giving me lots of experience
  8. Exciting jobs!

    This is what I do, got stuck in a rut doing what I was doing then this came up and as you say different each day and keeps you thinking
  9. Workout couple

    Frank medrano... He's vegan, couldn't do it myself, need meat! Lol
  10. Well, here it is!

    I play it on Xbox Might have to get a playstation 4 if its got skyrim online
  11. Which countries would you like to visit?

    Was loving seeing people 4 up on a moped on th path when I was in mamaris haha brilliant place though, cometely different to life in uk •America •Japan •new Zealand -(mainly cause I'm sad and want to go to weta workshops and set of lord of the rings/hobbit haha)
  12. Well, here it is!

    Skyrim for the win! Probably kinda weird that's the only thing I took from this.. Maybe due to the 3 hours j just played haha
  13. back to MMA and to having a life/hobby

    i do jujitsu, definately worth getting the GI and doing the BJJ rather than no GI jujitsu, i find it helps me learn so much quicker, slows things down
  14. Guess your job!

    Moved over to rapid prototype department, still doing tooling, but lot more development work, and different fixtures for trials etc, get to do bita 3D printing and what not beat move Ive made *best move
  15. Guess your job!

    Same job as me , well was until 3weeks ago