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  1. Polished Bliss Honda Fomula 1

    most definitely, have to say my all time favourite is Kelly from KDS 
  2. Polished Bliss Honda Fomula 1

    Copied from Deatilingworld, but thought id show off some of Clark's work from Polished Bliss.   Enjoy.       Polished Bliss detail a Formula 1 car...     This detail was carried out over 2 years ago now but due to us wanting to wait and get final pictures of the car in the Client's new house (which was being built at the time) and then me completely forgetting about it resulted in it being delayed until now When I got the call from the Client saying he was standing watching his new Jordan being delivered off a trailer I initially wondered what he was buying a Honda Civic for, thinking he meant one of these... But no, what he meant was one of these! Taken from the website it was bought from: "2001 JORDAN - EJ 11 - CHASSIS NO: EJ 11 / 6 This car, one of only seven built. It is a genuine race car and NOT a display car. It has been in a private collection for many years. It will be sold as a rolling chassis, without engine, gearbox internals and wiring loom. All works Honda engines were returned to the factory at the end of the season. It could be adapted to race (Euro Boss Series etc) or used as a static display/ show car. This car is fitted with Titanium Fabricated uprights, Brembo Carbon brakes and calipers, radiators, wishbones and Jordan chassis plate. The seat is molded for Heinz-Harald Frentzen. EJ 11 cars were raced by Heinz–Harald Frentzen,( who was replaced half way through the 2001 season by Juan Alesi) and by Jarno Truli. The test driver was Ricardo Zonta. Quite a nice showpiece for your new garage I'm sure you'll agree Whilst the site of an F1 car in your garage looks amazing, the Client wanted it to look its best but at the same time retain its battle scars and sign of racing so with this in mind I got to work... A few before pictures to begin with, showing a low level of dirt and dust: I gave the car a thorough QD to clean all the surfaces up and then took some paint readings just to make sure there was actually enough paint to polish in the first place: Starting with a finishing pad and some Menzerna 85RD (basically one of the least aggressive combinations available) I started polishing at 1200/1500rpms: I was hoping for a slight improvement but due to the paint being super soft the correction achieved was pretty damn good to be fair and removal was 1-2 microns if that (many times the gauge didn't give different readings before and after polishing at all): With the polishing method and products settled on, I began to carefully work my way round the car, being extra careful of where I put my feet as it could be so easy to stand on or catch the front wing or diffuser etc - it felt like an extremely fragile thing to work on so concentration was 100% at all times! Carbon Weave showing through the paint: Checking the finish with the 3M Sun Gun: I had alot more process pictures taken but due to a laptop meltdown last year I lost alot of pictures but to be honest I'm just glad I still have as many as I do! Once Polishing was done the paintwork was given a coat of Swissvax Crystal Rock: The wheels were given a going over with Werkstat Prime Strong: And then fast forward 2 years to this afternoon where I took some final pictures of the car sat in its new surroundings - you'll notice the different garage lighting really shows off the true colour of the car, it's more of a fluorescent yellow that you never really saw even on the Television or in many magazine pictures: Ingrained dirt left intentionally on the rear wing: Cockpit left as it was delivered: The rubbish masking that you don't see up close on TV I hope you enjoyed something a bit different, it was certainly fun to do! Thanks for looking, Clark
  3. Cleaning on a budget

    £15 for 3 cars? take them to the eastern european car wash. they will scratch your paint to shit, but best your get for £15 on 3 cars...
  4. Buffing Frost White Civic

  5. Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0

    its alright, but not to bad mouth Meguiar's its a cheap wax. its what you pay for i guess
  6. Anyone got $180,000 spare please?

    saw this on his twitter page, dude is something else. hate to say but i highly doubt he has an Aventador lined up, his got alot of money but not enough for that.
  7. cars you regret selling

    every honda ive owned, mostly the DC5, use to dream of owning one.
  8. making money

    To be honest i agree with jono, detailing and paint correction takes alot of time and money to perfect. you would also need a decent size garage or unit to carry out such work. My advice would be get your savings in order, see what you have and what would be a good investment, most banks give out free 1 hour financial advice. This would help you almost pick and choose what sort of path you want to go down. Another bit of advice from me would maybe see what your town needs. what is it missing that neighbouring towns have. I'd stay well clear of quick cash jobs like cutting grass and window cleaning etc. They're usually word of mouth jobs and experience counts for alot.
  9. Sold my car, but what next?

    oh no, im pretty much down grading from a dc5 performance wise. ive seen a few touareg's that comment how they've had complete new engines, so i guess thats out the window. ive looked at 3 series but my price range id only be able to get the E46 shape which in all honestly looks old compared to the newer shape. there also not worth what people want for them in my eyes as above you can get a nice 5 series for the same money. but again insurance companies seem to hate the idea of me owning one... with 8k there really is too much choice, i was looking a good month before i even sold the dc5 with my mind set on an estate. but for the price you dont get much more boot space to a similar model saloon. its actually starting to frustrate me i cant find anything out of the hundreds of cars in my range.
  10. Sold my car, but what next?

    thanks, im not really after a big litre as it needs to be a kind of 'cheap' daily driver with all the toys. just something nice to drive and hammer miles really, and can handle all my gear ive looked at 5 series and for the money there well into there 100k+ miles plus the insurance for me is expensive considering the other options out there. so lost in what to get next, ive looked at vw touareg all the way to BMW mini clubmans also thanks tenz78 for the PM cant seem to be able to reply to you.
  11. Sold my car, but what next?

    got the link to this? cant find it on autotrader.
  12. Sold my car, but what next?

    As mentioned, it was more of a toy to drive. Didnt want to rack up the mileage.
  13. BMW 330ci ive detailed recently

    Thank you
  14. This is my mates new car, he asked me if i would 'tidy' it up so he would have a clean car ready for the weekend He settled for a single stage polish and a date was set apologise now for the poor camera skills and a dirty lense! on a lovely friday morning i picked up this DSC_0018 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0019 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr up close DSC_0020 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr interior DSC_0023 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0027 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr intricate areas DSC_0025 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0026 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr now onto the wash process wheels (before) DSC_0028 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr (brushes and products used) DSC_0029 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr Iron x working its magic (first of two hits) DSC_0030 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr now im missing pictures of the wheels after, snow foam and wash process snow foam used was Valet Pro - PH Neutral Snow Foam shampoo Meguiar's NXT Car Wash after DSC_0031 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0032 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr intricate areas DSC_0033 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr iron x working its magic again DSC_0034 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0035 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr tardis was also used but only on the front bumper, bonnet and lower areas of the cars body. Clay and lube used DSC_0036 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr after DSC_0037 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr snow foamed again and rised dried with Chemical Guys - Wooly Mammoth (love it) DSC_0038 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr Machine, pad and polish used DSC_0039 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr Results DSC_0041 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr Eraser was used after each pass Now onto my favorite sealant DSC_0044 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr after two coats DSC_0045 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr DSC_0046 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr processes not shown exhaust Auto Finesse - Mercury trim Auto Finesse - Revive tyres Meguiars High Gloss Tyre gel (two coats) alloys protected with Poorboys Wheel Sealant exterior glass was rain x glass cleaner and repellent interior was wet vac'd interior trim with 303 Aerospace Protectant interior glass i used 3M glass cleaner Mark decided the leather didnt need cleaning and protecting... so it wasnt done. afters DSC_0048 by watkins-enterprises, on Flickr Thanks for reading, any comments and criticism welcome :thumb:
  15. which sealant?! advice needed asap!

    thats insane!