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  1. Instagram

    Already a post with everybody's user names in it dude, somewhere. Lol 
  2. What have you done since the site went down?

    Breaking the ek and bought a low mileage ep3.
  3. Welcome back...

    So glad we are back online. Good job lads!
  4. Windows sticking

    Have you tryed the old wd40 on a rag in the rubbers? Lol worked for me
  5. Starter motor plug missing from loom

    There is no plug for the starter motor in the engine loom. You just need power cable from your battery You you doing a wire tuck?
  6. Powder coated rocker cover

    I would never blast a rocker cover you can never be sure if it's all cleaned out. Always strip them you will get a better Finnish, blasting "pittles" the surface. The baffle has a hole section in the top of the rockercover, so you would never be able to get your fingers in it all.
  7. get ya pumpkins out!

    Mine for this year
  8. ej9 trailing arm bushes

    Have a look at this dude.
  9. ej9 trailing arm bushes

    Honist it's a piece of piss to do yourself. They don't need pressing in at all.
  10. advert lol!

    I think the same. Volvo estate
  11. Good car pages to follow on Instagram?

    There is already a section dude. Loads of people to follow.
  12. What engine coolant or colour for my Honda?

    Or you could just take the thermostat out its two bolts and flush it out with water before the new stuff goes in.
  13. ek engine mount

    I have a set if d series mounts here if that's what your looking for?
  14. B16 pas pump braket same as d15/14?

    I asked this the other day to Stuburn you can't use your pump from your d series it's differnt.