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  1. testing on the frozen lakes, Sweden -27 !!

  2. off to sweden on winter test : )

  3. brake problem

    the pads and disks will need time to bed. but i would retrace your steps and check all hoses and unions just to be safe. and the softer pedal with the engine on will probably be the vac servo giving you some assistance.
  4. Unbalanced braking problem

    id go with the bias valve, if everything you have said is new then this can be the likely culprit.
  5. Brake apapter help?

    I'd go to a local machine/ motorsport shop. my mate milled mine up for me at his work. should be fairly straight forward to a good engineer.
  6. i had the same issue, a geometry check sorted it. good luck
  7. Will this work?

    get better rack , loop better rack or prepare however you see fit, drive and don't dry steer greeny !
  8. mpfi conversion

    its a fairly long job i did it on my eg. pretty simple though best of luck if you need any help pm me
  9. Engine not cranking?

    the small single wire to the starter motor may be loose, mine occasionally wriggles loose.
  10. Vtec smoking when it kicks in why?

    Mega lol ! Like the kid in lecture that asked where the spark plugs were in the diesel engine. But the rest seems pretty valid
  11. what alternator will fit my car?

    Maybe a scania truck or something ?
  12. Low front end EG owners in here please

    Good job! Mine sits real low but my manifold is the main casualty maybe just don't hoon over speedbumps ?
  13. Port polished head ?

    Can't see why ?? Think about it
  14. c.v joint help

    yup if your a pro can usually do them in 1 fell swoop, try and use a wooden or rubber mallet for the new ones though. careful that the split ring around the shaft is still there when refitting.
  15. civic eg and del sol

    i found a slight discrepancy with the top arms from a dx or marlin civic giving me mad camber dont know for sure but check them with a measuring tape