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  1. Hey, I should really check on here more often lol. Sara I couldn't get to the Yorkshire meet coz I was at Knebworth Festival the same day. The car is great though, love every inch of her! I'll try to get some photies up on here sometime. How's you guy's cars going?

  2. Check this out, these the wheels you was after? http://www.civiclife.net/forum/showthread.php?t=46644

  3. Hey Hanna are you coming to the yorkshire meet???? its this sunday, 2nd Aug. how is your car?? x

  4. Hi how is your new car? lee got the car that he had been wanting for ages

  5. New member! Wants a civic type r!

    Jono's advice is sound mate. I'm 21 and still get pwned on insurance. and 1.4's r awesome, mines one lol
  6. i vetc yo, i'am new

    welcom, plus i spell everything wrong all of the time and blame it on typos
  7. hi newbie civic owner

    I'll be posting some pics asap, just gotta get a camera first lol! I'll be ordering my clear side repeaters tonight from funky power! yay
  8. hey, im hanna Im from sunny gateshead in the north of england. Just bought a 1.4i 2000 civic tropica in milano red, couple of days ago, and I love it sooo much. Loved spedning my time washing it this morning too. its got a bit of a big exhaust too but i like it, even if my neighbours dont. Hoping to do the car up jdm styly thanks to my co-civic owner boyfriends influence!