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  1. EP3 Feature

    Colour combo is spot on. Very clean and nice car. Blog looks well laid out. Informal details worked on keeping me attached to reading it. But it could do with some more details of the car and spec lists. would be good to know what had actually been done to the car in more detail. Look forward to reading more.
  2. new member

    welcome mate
  3. What cams ?

    After. After a remap.
  4. my mimms3 picks

    Pics look good man. A lot of new desktops in my desktop folder now.
  5. What cams ?

    You will see good gains if you get it mapped for whatever you get done to it, but remember getting it mapped isn't about peak power, its about utilising all the mods done to the engine to their full abilities to make the engine run as sweet as it can and as efficient as it can. My car has the normal breathing mods plus b18c cams and valvetrain on a b16 and it made 190bhp 125ft lbs, but more importantly it runs fantastic now. Before the power was in the last 4000k of the revs where as now there is power the whole way accross the rev range. B16B and B18C cams are almost identical, i think there is a couple of degrees difference in the exhaust lobe of B16B cams but thats it, it will do the same thing. i have a japspeed 4-1 header, for the money its fantastic and it will do until something else comes up. Before i put it on, the car ran 167hp after i put it on and fitted colder plugs the car ran 176hp. So to those people that say cheap headers don't do anything, well, from expert advice, most headers do the same job regardless of branding. So long as its not a complete shiter and you've paid semi decent money for it you will see gains.... you're never going to see massive gains from just the header anyway. The japspeed one kept its word of "gains of up to 10bhp" didn't dissapoint.
  6. Iridium Spark Plugs

    They do make a difference mate, i just fitted heat range 7 ngk iridium ones on my em1, used to run heat range 6. Before with heat range 6 the car saw 167hp, after, with a new manifold and heat range 7 the car saw 176hp. Obv the manifold had a lot to do with this but i was assured that the ngk's also helped to achieve this figure. I always ran them in my car and never had a problem. Defo worth a try.
  7. Mapping

    Whoops... i'll edit that. its meant to say "dyno'd"
  8. Mapping

    Right, looking to get my car(em1) mapped as it has the usual intake and exhaust mods but it also has uprated b18 cams. Had it dyno'd already and it developed 167hp and 120 torques. but not only this,the map was dissapointing. As we all know with vtec engines there is meant to be an almost vertical climb on the map when it engages but mine saw next to no change. What i'm looking for is a more driveable map that fully utilises the mods done on the engine. Whats peoples opinions on ECU's? thinking Hondata but i've heard good things about Chrome too. What else would i need?
  9. Corolla AE86 with only 48 Kms

    its beautiful... although it might be a waste of a good car etc etc etc.. can it not be appreciated?? this guy for whatever reason has decided to keep this car in original form so we can view it decades later still in beautiful original form.. i can 100% respect this.
  10. offset

    right, im about to order a set of new wheels. 16x7 and was going to run 205,45,16 tyres. what offset am i best with? 35 or 43? car is quite low just now and would like to keep it that way but without too much rubbing and poke. car is a 99 em1 coupe thankyou in advance
  11. Knockhill Total Jap Car

    gutted i was working!! looked like a great day apart from the rain..
  12. sumo run central scotland DYNO DAY

    yo man got the saturday morning off so i'm cool for the dyno day!! working till 4 on sunday though so will have to bail out of that one. has the sol been painted blue by any chance? i seen it coming down the street.
  13. Funky power foglight help

    well. after much deliberation and stress. they are finally in and working!!. however, i must say the surrounds arent the best fit in the world. all i can say is that if your thinking of getting foglights, dont get Funky power ones. get oem honda ones for the safety of your blood pressure.
  14. Funky power foglight help

    i found that link but it doesnt help me. i cant find where to plug the foglight harness in to. that file says there is something under the washer reservoir but i cant find it. is it because on the pdf the car is american and mines is uk. are the wiring harnesses the other way about??
  15. Funky power foglight help

    I got 2 harnesses. One small one and one large one. No idea where to wire them. They are funky power ones and came with no instructions. Would have thought i would have considering they cost nearly 100 quid