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  1. Toyota T Sport folk - What forum(s) do you use?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. shakman87


      I'm selling a Yaris T-sport if that is of interest? Cracking car with the option of supercharging and turbo charging :)

    3. TheSam


      I had mine for 6 weeks, the cams wear for fun in the engines taking out the rocker arms. Regardless of mileage as well, do a fair bit of research before you buy I sure wish I had.

    4. RandomDan
  2. Corey Dollar - anyone know him?

    Kid's a dick. I bought something off him a couple years back, only some cheap wind deflectors. Kept giving me excuses too, until one message was that he'd send them out yet the last one said they'd been sent, at which point I realised he was a lying prick. Opened a paypal case and dropped Kadir a message just to let him know a member was a possible scammer. Lo and behold, the deflectors arrive a couple days later! I closed the paypal case and thought nothing more of it. A week or so later I had a message from Kadir that this kid was accusing me of taking the money back out his Paypal. That's not even possible! Cheeky cunt will try anything. Hope you get your head (giggidy) or money back somehow.
  3. Last film you watched & rate it

    Same, best one yet.
  4. Why has this Bint not been put down yet ?

    Hopefully the tickets were bought so that her and her offspring could both be disposed of in one fell swoop.
  5. What happened to mikecivicvtec

      Maybe you should lose the attitude and realise that perhaps it isn't our place to say?   If a staff member feels it's something that should be completely out in the open, then it's up to them to say.   He is on tour as Psy's opening act though.
  6. What happened to mikecivicvtec

      Fuck me, if that was a clone then that experiment failed.  
  7. Grid Autosport

    Yeah I got it the other day. I'm pretty pleased so far - basically what Grid 2 should have been. My only gripe so far is that we're restricted to drifting on only the 5 little circuits, but I'm just happy the drifting is good again!    I assume Nurburgring costs quite a bit (licence and development time) and they felt it was better spent elsewhere, though I think they've had the south ring in a previous game? They do have Spa to ease the pain though.   You on xbox or ps3?
  8. World Cup.

      Have you been watching the same one as me? It's been AWESOME! So many goals and I've even seen two of the best 0-0 draws I think I'll ever witness.    Sure some games in the latter stages were a bit dull, including the final, but that's to be expected due to the nature of the knock out phase. Overall it's been a fantastic spectacle. Roll on Euro 2016!   Well done Germany I suppose - It's pretty much what I expected (a tight 1-0) though of all the teams in the cup it ended up with England's two biggest rivals so I didn't really have anyone to cheer for, but after Argentina's Falklands protest before the cup, I'm not unhappy they lost.
  9. Petition to stop massacre in Palestine

    You think it isn't already being discussed by our Government?
  10. World Cup.

    I expected Germany to dominate this game and win by 2 or 3 goals.   Absolute cracker though, I'm glad we have another 30 minutes!
  11. World Cup.

    Robben made the most of it but it was a penalty. The ref didn't award them a clear cut penalty at the end of the first half either, which made amends for the one that Mexico didn't get awarded. We'll never know, but I like to think the ref realised the error of the first decision, rather than it being two poor decisions. Mexico made a lot of rash challenges in the box though, which against someone like Robben who goes down easily, made it only a matter of time before a penalty was conceded. I think the semis will be Brazil v Germany and Argentina v Holland. A Brazil v Argentina final would be awesome.
  12. World Cup.

    Four teams in that poll are already out..   Holland have looked strongest to me so far, but I think Brazil and Argentina will get stronger as they progress.
  13. Started to get a decent bit of cash together for a new car, now need to spend it all on somewhere new and more expensive to live. Great, I'll be stuck with the Ford for eternity.

    1. RandomDan


      where you moving to now?!

    2. Stu.


      Staying in Reading, just gotta find my own place as housemates are leaving. Could share with randoms but fuck that.

    3. Sam.


      Ah damn man, that sucks.

  14. D15 EK3 Swap