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  1. Hi guys need to replace the bushes on my rear lower control arms on my ee9. Anybody know where I can get these from or would it be cheaper to fit after market lca's?
  2. Engine Check Light b16a1

    Not yet bud, ive done abit of research and im meant to turn the ignition on and count for flashes on top of the ECU, is that correct as i'll give it a try in the morning
  3. Hi guys just changed the tps on my ee9 b16a1 and now the engine light in on, car drives fine however. Is there anyway to shut this off or will it go off on its own? Thanks
  4. My b16a1 bogging/hesitation when warm under 2500rpms. Ive changed the leads,plugs,dizzy fuel filter and problems still there? Do you guys think it could be my iginition timing as ill be getting this checked soon ?? Thanks    
  5. No start new battery

    started guys cheers, was the battery
  6. No start new battery

    best way to describe it is like theres no battery connected at all
  7. No start new battery

    battery is a few weeks old and it was fine the other day and im not too sure mate its completely dead when I turn the key
  8. No start new battery

    yeah terminals are the right way it was fine the other day and just went to fire her up again and nothing, completely dead.
  9. No start new battery

    hi guys, tried starting my ee9 today but nothing at all, its like theres no battery connected but its a new battery also tried putting a booster on and still nothing, no lights on the dash? any suggesstions? think it may be a simple problem as it was fine the other day?
  10. B16 Bogging Slightly

    Hi guys my b16a1 starts and idles fine, however, when I tap the accelerator slightly it begins to bog and misfire etc. It's fine if I press slowly and at high revs just when I go to take off. I've recently changed the plugs, leads and distributor. Had a search and could be the tps but would just like some more info before I change anything else?
  11. Hi guys, haven't started my eep for a couple of months, just put a new battery in, it's cranking over but not starting, any basics to look for as ive been cleaning it, taking bits off etc but ive put everything back on like before. Tried changing plugs, fuel etc? any suggestions?
  12. Hi guys, I have an ee9 that runs fine when cold, however, when it gets warm and I press the accelerator it wants to die and bog out? any suggestions, Ive just changed the plugs and oil?
  13. Any Devon members know this EG6?

    That's my old car, sold it in September to the guy who's selling it now. PM me for any more info.
  14. Bleed clutch fluid

    Also, the fluid level is fine and I cant see any obvious leaks however the biting point is pretty low, do you think this is down to it needing bleeding? havent had a chance to give it a go yet as car isn't with me at the moment
  15. Bleed clutch fluid

    Cheers mate will give that a go. Thanks